What do Oprah Winfrey's feet say about her?

Calla's founder and owner Jennifer recently went to see celebrity foot reader Jane Sheehan, to see what her feet say about her! The reading was so interesting and insightful that we thought, wouldn't it be interesting to see what Jane had to say about some very famous bunion sufferers?!

To find out more information on Jane read our previous blog post 'Guest Post: Celebrity foot reader' where she answers a Q&A on all things foot reading! 

Celebrity Foot Reading: Oprah Winfrey

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"I’m using the photo with just one foot in it for this one.

When doing reflexology and a client has their feet up facing me, if they push a toe towards me, they are subconsciously telling me that they want me to know more about that subject.  If, on the other hand, they pull a toe away from me they are saying they don’t want me to know about that subject.  In this photo, Oprah’s 3rd toe is pushing down much more than the others, so this says to me that in the past she wanted people to know about what she was doing. I say in the past because this is Oprah’s right foot, which as mentioned previously represents the past.  

There are two areas on her foot that show she cares for others.  The big toe is leaning towards the little toe at an acute angle meaning she is bending over backwards doing far too much for others and not enough for herself.  The second is the area next to her little toe.  Some people have suggested that she has six toes.  That’s not true.  But what you are seeing here is the shoulder reflex in reflexology, and it is protruding much further out than you normally expect it to.  This indicates that she has big shoulders for other people to cry on.  In other words, she is a good listener.  It also shows that she knows that listening is enough because there is no damage to the outside edge of this area.  She doesn’t take on board their problems as if they are her own. That’s healthy.

Oprah’s toes are fairly short and wide which indicates a practical, down-to-earth nature.  Unlike Jennifer and Amal’s they are not as long so the creative expression aspect is not showing here.

In the second photograph (wearing white flip flops) I can see more of the left foot.  The 2nd and 3rd toes are leaning towards the little toe indicating that nowadays she is more emotionally impatient and work-wise she wants to run before she can walk. Work-wise she is looking ahead and planning the next steps rather than focused on the here and now.  The past foot shows more about focusing on today rather than looking ahead.

Her little toe looks on its side on the first photo but in flip flop photo it looks more straight and not on its side so I would say in the past she was unconventional and rebellious – my way or the highway - but now she is more conventional and wanting to fit in and do what is expected than she ever used to be.

Most of her nails are arched which indicates that she likes to think through every last detail in her own mind before she delivers an idea because she doesn’t want any external interference until she is good and ready.  She’ll only deliver the idea when it is fully-fledged and it can often look like a bolt from the blue!"

How interesting! What do you think? Would you like to know what your feet say about you? Let us know in the comments! 

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