Finding that perfect pair of heels for a special occasion such as a wedding or a party can be a struggle when you have wide feet or bunions (hallux valgus). It turns into an actual nightmare when you have wide feet with bunions. We feel your pain, and we are here to solve your footwear problems once and for all, with extra wide fits for all women.

Our wide fitting shoe collection features styles that are an EEE fit all around the shoe. These can accommodate wide feet and up to large bunions. Made out of super-soft materials, they differ from regular wide fitting shoes - we take your lumps and bumps into account in the design process. You can also shop wide toe box shoes here.

Choose Calla Shoes for the ultimate comfort, quality craftsmanship, and the perfect fit. We're hot on the latest shoe trends, bringing you footwear ideal for everyday wear and when you're going out.

Our range includes wider fitting boots and ankle boots, wedges, wide high heels, court shoes, and occasion shoes. We stock wide toe box trainers and sandals as well.

What makes our women's wide fit shoes so special?

  • Each pair is designed with comfort in mind. We believe that you should never have to compromise on comfort or style.
  • We only use the softest, most luxurious leather in our production, to ensure that the shoes work with you and for you, by molding to your feet. Prepare for blisters to be a thing of the past. This also means that as the materials stretch, they are able to accommodate even very wide (EEE) feet.
  • Every style incorporates a cushioned and arch supported insole, to properly support your feet and make you feel like you are walking on clouds.
  • The comfort of our wide fitting heels is unparalleled. Try it for yourself to see!

Please note: this collection will only be suitable for you if you have wide feet or wide feet and bunions. If you have regular or narrow feet with bunions, the styles in our main collection will be much more suitable for you.