Unique Features of Our Bunion Trainers for Women

We have a range of white ladies' trainers available in various styles, where you can use the laces or keep them loose to use as slip-ons.

Choosing wider footwear can help relieve the pain associated with foot conditions such as bunions. With our extra wide-fit trainers, you now have a more comfortable, casual option when you're out and about, at the gym, the shops, or just for everyday wear. 

calla trainers comfort features explained

Here are some essential features that make our shoes good for bunions:

Rounded Toe Box

The wider toe box lets your toes sit in a more natural position, and also provides room for your existing bunions without looking like a strange shape. This helps to keep them stylish while still being comfortable.

Seamless Interior

Seams cause friction and pressure points on your feet in the footbed during use, aggravating your bunions, and causing discomfort. This is particularly important when walking or working out at the gym.

Adjustable Features

The well-designed lacing system allows you to adjust the fit depending on your foot width, ensuring your shoes aren't too tight, as tight shoes are also a cause of bunions.

This also allows you to adjust the fit of your shoe throughout the day, as your feet swell, keeping them comfortable if you're on your feet all day.

Breathable & Flexible Materials

The soft leather of Calla trainers provides extra comfort against painful foot conditions like bunions. These materials stretch with your feet, and prevent repetitive friction points that can cause pain and blisters. The breathable materials also help avoid excess sweating and keep your feet comfortable.


Precise cushioning under the forefoot in the sole of Calla trainers helps to alleviate the pressure on the bunions, which will help avoid pain during various outdoor activities.

Arch Supported

Our podiatrist recommended arch-supported insoles that help to keep your foot in a more natural position, helping to avoid flat feet, which is a primary cause of bunions (source).

Correct Sizing: Measure Later in the Day

Your feet swell up during the day, so we recommend not measuring your feet or trying on shoes in the morning. Instead, wait until later in the day when your foot has swelled a little, then take your measurements, so your shoes will fit you better and be less painful.

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