Every pair of Calla boots features the signature Calla comfort. If you have tried our shoes before, you know what to expect. If you have not, then prepare for a comfort experience unlike any other. In the best boots designed especially for bunions, you will find:

  • a hidden, elastic, stretch panel, perfectly positioned in the big toe area to allow more room where you need it the most
  • a wide fitting toe box area, to give your toes ‘breathing’ space
  • a standard (D width) heel area, to keep your foot in place
  • super soft, luxury leather uppers, that mould to your feet, to ensure a heavenly experience with no need to break in the shoes
  • high quality leather lining with strategically positioned seams, to ensure suitable ventilation and no rubbing
  • a cushioned insole, to add to the feeling of walking on clouds
  • arch support in the insole, to help you maintain a proper posture and evenly distribute the pressure on your feet
  • a non-slip sole for stability

Additionally, our heeled boots feature sensible, comfortable heels. We believe that you should never have to choose between comfort and style, and so our boots for bunions combine both.

While Calla shoes are designed specifically to accommodate bunions, they are also suitable for anyone who is looking for comfortable, high quality footwear. Our boots, as well as the entire range of our shoes for bunions, are handmade in the Porto region of Portugal. With a rich shoemaking tradition, this Southern European country is also where our super soft leather is sustainably sourced. Portugal is known for high quality shoe production, which is key to us, because we want your footwear to last for the years to come.

Now that you have found the best shoes for bunions, we know that you will love wearing them.

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