Calla Meets Celebrity Foot Reader

CEO and founder of Calla Shoes, Jennifer, recently went to visit 'celebrity foot reader' Jane Sheehan, and was lucky enough to have a reading herself! 

If you've not yet read our previous blog post, then it is definitely worth taking a look at so you can find out more about Jane, what foot reading is, and what features she looks out for when doing a reading. You can read the previous blog post here.

Jenni and her feet!

After Jennifer heard about foot reading, she was intrigued to say the least. She loved the idea of finding out what information about her life and personality Jane could infer, by just looking at her feet. 

Jenni's feet are really important to her and are really crucial in so many elements of her life. She does a lot of sport and martial arts, both of which require her to be on her feet, often barefoot. Having two young children also requires her to be on her feet, running around after them a lot! Whilst a lot of people who have bunions might consider having surgery, to Jenni this is just not an option. She cannot imagine being off her feet for any period of time, and this therefore rules surgery out as an option and she instead has to rely on wearing shoes which comfort and conceal her bunions (Calla Shoes of course!).

So with this in mind, Jenni was excited to see what her feet say about her, and decided to meet up with Jane. We video'd the whole thing so we could capture what was said and share the reading with you all!

The reading discussed Jenni's past, her personality traits, and where she's at in her life now - very interesting! 

See what Jenni had to say about the experience below:

What do Jenni's feet say about her?

Interestingly, Jane believes that Jenni knows what her passion in life is, and is very connected to it - could this perhaps be referring to creating shoes for bunions? (We think so!) 

Jane also mentioned that Jenni is a good judge of character, great listener, and very deep thinker. She suspects that Jenni is a covert rebel - appearing to fit in but breaking the rules behind the scenes and getting away with it!

calla shoes jenni foot reading celebrity foot reader

The width of Jenni's foot was confusing for Jane; to Jane, Jenni's feet appear wide but are actually narrow, which is apparently very contradictory! Wide feet indicate that a person is very hard working and cannot sit still, whilst narrow feet indicate an emphasis on taking time out to enjoy the finer things - two very opposite things! 

Jane explained that in foot reading, the top of the foot is what you want the world to know, and the bottom of the foot is what you want to keep to your self. Jane said she often finds secrets underneath peoples feet, but apparently Jenni's soles are very unblemished, meaning, with Jenni what you see is what you get! 

The reading was very insightful, and Jane really delivered it in such a calm and serene way, so much so that Jenni said that it was a quite a lovely experience.

Last but not least, Jane finished the reading with two sets of cards; motivation cards and fairy cards...

celebrity foot reader calla shoes bunions jenni

To listen to the full reading and to find out what cards Jenni pulled and their meanings, watch the full video below: 

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