Wide fitting shoes that are perfect for wide feet and bunions

Finding that perfect pair of heels for a special occasion such as a wedding or a party can be a struggle when you have wide feet and bunions (hallux valgus).  

Pretty shoes you want to wear are usually too tight or your bunions hang unattractively out of straps across the toes.

We feel your pain.

Calla shoes will solve all of your wide-fit, bunion shoe shopping dilemmas.  

We have created two different types of shoes within our range. Each of these will suit a different type of feet. 

  1. Our core range features heels and flats which are perfect to accommodate regular width feet with up to large bunions, or slightly wide feet with up to moderate bunions. The shoes within our core range are all of our styles that are not labelled with ‘wide fit’.

    Our core range shoes generally feature around an EE fit in the toe box, to accommodate your bunions, and a standard width in the heel, to keep your heel securely in place.
    Included within our core range are, for example, the Sophia heels or the Charlotte flats.

  2. Our wide fitting shoe range features heeled court shoes at the moment. We are working on wide fitting flats and expect to have them ready for release in the Spring.
    Our wide fitting shoes are generally an EEE fit all around the shoe and accommodate wide feet with up to large bunions. They are labelled with ‘wide fit’. Made out of super soft materials, they differ from regular wide fitting shoes as we take your lumps and bumps into account in the design process.

You can wear our shoes with bunions, wide feet with bunions, or just wide feet. Different styles will be best for different types of feet, so we recommend that you contact us before placing your order so that we can advise.


Calla shoes are special, because...

  1. Each pair is designed with and fully tested on bunion sufferers who need extra width in their shoes

  2. There’s plenty of room in the toe area of the shoes to accommodate those all too familiar lumps or bumps on your toes, and support and disguise the area where your bunions stick out.

  3. Where straps are used across the toes, they will provide gentle roomy comfort for your bunions.  Also, your bunions will not hang out of the straps, maintaining the elegant appearance of the shoe and your feet.

  4. Only soft, luxury materials are used in the making of our shoes, giving your toes room to spread out and minimising friction and pain.

  5. Calla shoes incorporate a comfort insole to support the arch and cushion the soles of your feet, helping you dance the night away in 'Calla comfort'.

  6. All our shoes are designed with extra give in the lining to accommodate various sized bunions.

  7. We want our shoes to be within the reach of all women who suffer from bunions. Calla shoes are designer quality but are comparably priced to shoes you would find on the high street.

Calla shoes offer elegance, comfort and style at affordable prices for special occasions.

So if you suffer from bunions or have wide feet, give them a try and discover shoes your feet will love.