Pam: 'The shoes are amazing and I'm glad I found them'

photo review of calla shoes for bunions

My Charlotte shoes fit like a dream. This year my bunions have grown and the pain is excruciating. I realised that I needed to get rid of all the uncomfortable footwear that I own and look for shoes which give me comfort and accommodate my bunions. I did an internet search and found Calla shoes and was immediately drawn to the Charlotte shoes, which I'm wearing in my photo. I needed a smart and comfortable pair of shoes for my work as a nurse and these are the perfect choice.

The shoes are amazing and I'm glad I found them. They are made from soft leather and support all aspects of the foot, as well providing ample width so that the bunions don't press on the sides. They are perfect for my job because the role I have in a prison means I have to walk long corridors, so I need a comfortable shoe: and as I have to run for emergencies at times! I need one that doesn't slip off-and these definitely don't.

The Charlotte is a neat little shoe which is smart and can be used with any outfit. They are adaptable and can be worn with both trousers and dresses alike. They come in various colours and will complement a number of colour schemes. I'm very happy I chose these and found Calla shoes. I will use them again and already have a couple of pairs in mind! - Pam

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