Jean: 'Bliss for the feet and a pleasure to wear'

review of calla shoes for bunions by customer

Even as a child, I have always had difficulty in getting  comfortable shoes.  I vividly recall when I was 10 years old, having a school medical and the nurse being extremely rude about my feet, yet my mother had always insisted that I had my feet measured and wore sensible shoes.  She, her sister and my maternal grandmother all had terrible feet with bunions so it was inherited, but also I do admit that as a teenager and young woman I wanted fashionable shoes, so that pointed toes and high stiletto heels did not help.  Eventually I had surgery which was successful, but over latter years wearing more ‘sensible’ shoes, the bunions have returned and I have experienced problems again.

Now comfort has to come first and I was delighted to discover Calla Shoes.  The lovely Laura sandals have not had much wear this summer but I can tell that they will fit the bill perfectly.  They are comfortable, stylish and such soft leather, bliss for the feet and a pleasure to wear.  Additionally, the style means that they can also be worn more as a shoe rather than ‘strappy’ sandal, (which would have less flexibility in wear from my point of view), as I do need the support they give.  - Jean

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