Which Shoes To Wear With Your Jeans

Loose fitting jeans have been seriously popular in the last few years as we’ve looked back to the 90s and 2000s for outfit inspiration. Starting from mom jeans, inspired by American mums, jeans have been getting baggier. Mom jeans, straight leg and wide leg jeans have become wardrobe must haves as the trends have turned to comfort focussed styles. These are definitely the comfier alternative to skinny jeans, but now that skinny jeans are out and wider leg fit are in it completely affects how we wear our shoes.

In the post I’m going to go over which shoes are best to pair with your favourite jeans. 

The Trainer

Probably the most obvious pairing is the trainer. A smart trainer looks great with jeans as they add to the casual vibe. For a day out shopping you’re going to be doing a lot of walking and so what better to pair with your jeans than your comfiest shoes. A trainer pairs especially well with a straight or wide leg pair of jeans as it eliminates the contrast between a narrow ankle and a chunky trainer.

trainers with wide leg jeans

Callas star trainer is an ideal option. These shoes are super comfortable and come in a multitude of colours to match every outfit.

trainer, blazer, wide leg jean outfit


The Loafer

 A loafer can be a great way to make your mom jeans look that little bit smarter. As these shoes are low, they’re not going to affect how you wear your jeans so they’re an easy choice.  A loafer creates that element of sophistication while still allowing you to wear your comfy and casual mom jeans.

black loafers with mom jeans Calla’s Lucille loafer comes in a stunning black and cream so there’s a pair to go with each pair of your jeans. I’d wear the paler loafer with light wash jeans and perhaps the black loafers with a darker was jean.

 black loafer outfit. grey long coat

The Ballet Pump

A tapered jean such as mom jeans works hand in hand with ballet pumps, adding a softer feel to the outfit. Ballet pumps have become super trendy recently and we’re not complaining. If you’re in doubt many celebs have been wearing ballet pumps in the last few months, designer Alex Chung showcased hers on Instagram.

ballet flats with mom jeans

For a simple and timeless ballet pump Calla’s ‘Isabella’ and ‘Charlotte’ are ideal staples to go with your mom jeans. Or If you’re looking for a pump slightly more trend led and glammed up the newest release Isabella would look stunning as a accessorised pump to go with your jeans.

 red ballet pump, mom jeans, red top

Ankle Boots

Unfortunately knee high boots aren’t the easiest to pair with baggier jeans as you can’t just took them into your boots like you would with skinny jeans. So ankle boots are the best to opt for, a cropped mom jean or cuffed pair go great with an ankle boot allowing you to showcase your boot. A style such as ‘Lorna’ would be a boot you’d wear with slightly shorter jeans as the boot is quite a tall ankle boot. But, with a full length wide leg pair of jeans for example a shorter style such as a Chelsea boot would be ideal.

ankle boots with cuffed jeans


Callas ‘Miranda’ would create an outstanding outfit as the wide leg and chunky boot create a nice drape, and ankle boots are one worth investing in for the colder months.

brown boot outfit, cuffed jeans, brown coat

cream coat, turtle neck and wide leg jeans, nude boot 

The Heel

For a special occasion or meal out your jeans really can be worn for everything. A pair of heels elevate jeans hugely allowing them to be worn in a much more elegant way. Heels go with any pair of jeans, but I would pair them with a slightly longer straight leg jean to avoid a huge gap between where the jeans end and the ground. Or a normal length mom jean to show off your heel.

heels with wide leg jeans

 A stiletto heel like Calla’s Sophia or block heels like Sara would dress a pair of jeans up effortlessly.

matching brown heel and bag with blue straight leg/wide leg jeans 



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