Shoes for plantar fasciitis - My personal experience

In 2018 I turned 40 and decided I needed to set myself some new challenges to keep myself out of trouble.

I've always been sporty and do around 5-7 hours of exercise in a normal week so the challenges I set myself were all sports related.

One of the challenges was to do a 'Tough Mudder'.

Let's get one thing straight - I am not a runner!  I may like to keep fit but because of my overpronating feet, large bunions and the fact that I just hate running - it has never formed part of my exercise routine.

Tough Mudder seemed like something that was more up my street - it may have been running over 8 miles but what appealed to me was that the running was interjected with 40 obstacles.  I love obstacles and it also gave me an excuse to up my overall strength and fitness training in order to prepare.

tough mudder plantar fasciitis

The day was incredibly enjoyable!  Mainly because I managed to rope in my husband and several friends to 'enjoy' it with us!  I coped with the obstacles well and didn't feel too out of breath on my way running round.

However, a few days after the run, it was a whole different story...

On my way walking home from the train station I thought I had pulled a muscle in my legs as I was finding it really painful to walk - I thought it was from the run so tried to walk and exercise it off.

The pain was not going away and when I tried to locate the exact nature of the pain I realised it was in my feet themselves, which could only be relieved by walking on the balls of my feet, and I had developed a foot condition called 'plantar fasciitis'.

On investigation, I found that Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, a part of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include pain around the heel and arch of your foot. Exactly what I was experiencing.

At first, I was concerned as it can take many months to cure plantar fasciitis and what was even more distressing was that I couldn't power walk to and from the train station for work in my usual trainers without being in excruciating pain.

I did a bit more research and read that the best types of footwear to wear for plantar fasciitis were ones that included a raised heel and arch support. 


A light bulb moment made me realise that the Calla 'Charlotte' ballet-style flats - one of our best selling shoes - fitted that exact description so I tried them out.

calla charlotte flats for plantar fasciitis

Low and behold all of the plantar pain went away when I walked in them!

They were literally the ONLY pair of shoes I owned that I could wear with my plantar fasciitis.  And miraculously after a week and half it had completely cured.

Now I can't guarantee that our Calla Charlotte shoes will help your plantar fasciitis too, but I would definitely say to give them a go. 

Each pair is made from soft butter leather or suede, they have a cushioned insole and importantly have a hidden heel as well as moderate arch support.  What have you got to lose!

Jennifer x

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