The perfect shoes for the aching feet of ballerinas

You must have heard of the tool that ballet dancing takes on the feet of ballerinas – blisters, extreme pressure on the toes, corns, black nails, and the list goes on. There is, however, also long-lasting problems. While there is very little research on the matter, it is generally regarded that dancers are more prone to suffering from bunions as they grow older, due to the fact that they use their feet more than the average person.

While our shoes have been designed for bunions, they have been recognised for their ultimate comfort by ballerinas. Whether they have bunions or not, ballet dancers are finding the softness of the materials and the extra space in the toe box perfect for their aching, post-practice feet.

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Particularly popular among ballerinas are our flats. Featuring a hidden, 1 cm heel, a cushioned and arch-supported insole, soft upper and lining, and a non-slip sole, this style is adored by dancers, who say that wearing it feels like ‘walking on clouds’.

Have a look below to see our all-star line-up of ballerinas in their Charlotte flats.

Ballerina With Bunion Dancer Ballet Shoes

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