Getting shoe samples ‘fitted’

I'm having a good day today - I’ve just spoken to my agent and have arranged to go to Porto in a few weeks to sign off my next set of samples, hopefully for production! 

With regards to my current set of samples, this morning I met with a professional ‘shoe fitter’. 

It’s her job to ensure my shoes are the correct fit for the shape of foot my shoes need to fit - if that makes sense!

She checked each of my samples on my foot.  Now although I have the correct shaped toes for my shoes (as in I have a bunion), they are slightly narrow everywhere else.

A fitter makes sure that the shoes will be able to fit an average foot – one that’s not too wide and not too narrow. 

So she will determine whether the shoes are too big, leather is too baggy, straps aren’t positioned well etc. and then put together the feedback to give to the factory.

I believe this service is very important in the production of shoes.

You don’t want to produce lots of shoes only to get them all returned by customers because they are a poor fit.  You see this all the time on reviews on retail websites where customers have complained about shoes not staying on their feet properly because of the way they have been designed – if this happens to you it could be the death of your startup before it’s even properly started. 

I found my fitter via my shoe designer, and if you’re anywhere near Manchester I can pass you her details.  Your factory may have a fitter there, but you’ll need to make sure that your shoes are being tested on the right type of feet for your brand.

Otherwise, you may have to ask your own shoe designer to see if they know someone or ask around on the LinkedIn Footwear Group to see if someone can make a recommendation. 

If you’re a fitter who wants to promote their services, you can send me your details and I’ll post them on this page.

For the Calla shoes brand, the fit is crucial, more so than conventional shoes. I have made a promise to my potential customers that the shoes will not squeeze their bunions and that straps will not dig into their toes – and I am going to keep that promise!

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