Doctor Bradley Schaeffer approves Calla shoes for bunions

Who is there that knows the pain people feel because of ill-fitting shoes better than a Foot & Ankle surgeon? Having to fix the problems caused by years of bad footwear, Dr Bradley Schaeffer knows a thing or two about bunions.

Dr Bradley is based in New Jersey, USA, and was excited to hear of Calla, shoes made specifically for bunion sufferers. The Doctor praised their quality and craftsmanship.

Our shoes are made only of the finest leathers and suede, specifically selected for their softness. Handmade in Portugal, they serve their purpose by not only being extremely soft, but also having a wide toe-box. A wide toe-box, along with a standard width back of the shoe, ensures that the shoe stays on the foot securely, yet accommodates your bunions.

While Calla carries a selection of stylish ballet flats, wedges, kitten heels, block heels and high heels for bunions, Doctor Bradley only needed to see a pair of our flats and a pair of our sensible heels to ensure that Calla shoes are the best option for his bunion-suffering patients. Oh and did we mention – they are not only suitable for bunions, they are actually comfortable AND fashionable. Have a look for yourself – above is Doctor Bradley posing as the Prince Charming to a bunioned Cinderella. Below is Doctor Bradley in his practice, with our Charlotte flats.

doctor approved shoes for bunions

The shoes that the Doctor is posing with on the pictures are the leopard print Charlotte flats, and the red Sophia heels (on the top photo).

If you would like to connect with Doctor Bradley Schaeffer, you can find him on Instagram under @doctor.bradley. If you are New Jersey-based, and would like Doctor Bradley to take care of your feet, you can find his practice by clicking here.

Browse the full range of Calla’s fashionable shoes for bunions here, and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have got any questions at all. We can help you find the most suitable style for you, as well as give you advice regarding the fit of our shoes.

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