Calla shoes - where the name came from

Choosing a name for a business isn’t easy – you need something simple, that people can remember and that also resonates with your brand.

I also had to think of a name that would fit easily on to the sole of a shoe!

So I brainstormed lots of different possibilities, taking inspiration from everywhere from gemstones to foreign words.

Some were thrown out because there were already shoe companies out there with the same name.  

I also had to discount some ideas because when I checked, the domain names were already taken.

I also did not want the brand name to have any connotations with a comfort shoe brand - I want women to be proud to wear our shoes.

Eventually I settled on Calla. The name comes from the calla lily. With its ivory white petals and lush green leaves, the elegant bloom is more than just something pretty to place in a vase. In fact, these flowers have been sought after for centuries and are now very popular at special occasions such as weddings.

The name of the flower comes from a Greek word for beauty and represents elegance and youthfulness, which is completely perfect for my brand.

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