The best ballet flats for bunions

The importance of choosing the right shoe

Bunions, whether they appear in their ‘traditional’ spot – at your big toe bone joint, or i.e. on your little toe, tend to be very painful when rubbed against shoes. The narrower the shoes you wear, the more pain you’re likely to be in because of your bunions.

Wearing the right shoes for your feet is crucial when you are a bunion sufferer. While there is no ‘anti-bunion’ shoe, you can actually aid your feet and possibly prevent your bunions from growing larger if you wear suitable shoes. Wearing flats is particularly beneficial for your feet. Flat shoes take the pressure away from your big toe bone joint and allow for comfort. The right pumps can be really good for you, as providing that they have sufficient space in the bunion area, they may help relieve the bunion pain. Ballet flats also have the advantage of being very versatile. They can work as both dress shoes and casual comfort flats!

Most high street flats tend to either be too narrow in the toe box, meaning that your bunions are unlikely to even fit into them, or gape at the sides as they are not meant for feet like yours. Similarly, you probably also know that wide fit shoes are not the best solution either - while they may be wide enough at the front to accommodate your bunion, they are too wide at the heel, which causes your heel to slip out of them. Not to mention that there are very little shops producing quality wide fit flats out of quality leathers. Unfortunately, the quantity over quality approach that the high street has adapted means that there are very little shoes made out of bunion-friendly materials. 

Enter the solution: elegant, comfortable flats, which take into account all the factors that bunion sufferers are looking for in their shoes. What makes them so comfortable, may you ask? 

This one really fits them all!

Calla shoes were designed specifically to cover, conceal and hide the lumps and bumps on your feet and are podiatrist-recommended. Our pump shoes are suitable for different kinds of feet; bunions, triangle shaped feet, post-bunionectomy feet. 

The super soft, flexible luxury leather uppers ensure that there is nothing rubbing on and irritating your lumps and bumps. 

The extra width and volume in the toe area accommodates the bunions and allows your toes the space to 'breathe', without being cramped.

Bonus: the triangle vamp makes your feet appear slimmer, and your legs appear longer.

best flats for bunions

The soles on all Calla shoes are non slip, and will keep you firmly on the ground.

The 1cm (0.4inch) hidden heel gives you a tiny height boots, but also adds comfort to your step by working as a shock absorber.

The leather upper and lining not only adds to the softness of the shoe, but also ensures the natural ventilation of your foot.

The cushioning in the insole adds to the comfort of the shoe, while the arch support helps evenly distribute pressure and maintain the proper posture.

Looking closely at the shoes, you can note that their unique design aims specifically to conceal and cover bunions. In fact, they hide bunions so well, that sometimes you will not even be able to tell that they were there in the first place!

best flat shoes for bunions

You can’t ‘fix’ bunions without a surgery. But you sure can treat your feet to proper bunion footwear and ease the pain that your bunions are causing!

While no shoes will ever have the power to reduce the size of your bunions, the Charlotte ballet flats are probably some of the most comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers you will ever find.

The biggest secret of all?

The great amount of experience, craftsmanship and passion, which our skilled shoemakers have. All Calla shoes are handmade in Portugal, to ensure maximum comfort and quality.

Life with bunions can be colourful!

We don’t believe in boring. We do, however, believe in beautiful, stylish and comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers! This is why we’ve designed the Charlotte pumps in a range of different colours, and even different materials. Choose the shoes you truly love. You don’t have to limit yourself anymore!


Head here to have a read through our customers’ reviews of our shoes and some more examples of how well Calla shoes fit different types of feet and bunions. We also carry a range of beautiful high heels and sandals for bunion sufferers!

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