40 Celebrities with Bunions [2020 Updated]

An estimated one-third of every westernised country suffers from bunions, and because of a number of factors, including footwear choices and genetics, it is very much a female problem.

These bony protrusions by the big toe joint can result in a myriad of issues, including pain, embarrassment, and difficulty finding a nice pair of shoes that actually fit.

If you are one of these women, you can at least be assured you are not alone.

Despite money and fame, there are a large number of celebrities who have them too.  For these ladies in the spotlight, the thought of surgery may create the fear of never being able to wear high heeled shoes ever again. This may we why we do not hear of celebrities who have had bunion surgery often... Besides, there are many tips and tricks for walking in heels whilst having bunions can may reduce the desire for surgery.

Unfortunately for them, their feet are much more in the public eye than yours will ever have to be. Celebrities are people too - they cannot avoid bunions. 

There is a distinct lack of shoes, which are red carpet ready, for these glamorous ladies to wear. Fortunately Calla Shoes has solved that problem with beautiful shoes designed for bunions. Even if high heels aren't your thing, Calla has got you covered with a stylish collection of flat shoes too. 

To provide some comfort in knowing you're not alone in your quest for beautiful shoes, which conceal and comfort your bunions, take a look at the feet of these gorgeous famous women from around the world who are in exactly the same predicament as you. Are you ready to see the celebrity bunion photos?

Celebrities with bunions images

1. Meghan Markle –  Dutchess of Sussex

celebrities with bunions meghan markle feet

2. Victoria Beckham – Fashion designer, model, and singercelebrities with bunions victoria beckham feet

3. Amal Clooney – Human rights lawyercelebrities with bunions amal clooney

4. Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridgecelebrities with bunions kate middleton feet

5. Uma Thurman – Actress and model

celebrities with bunions uma thurman

6. Katie Holmes – Actresscelebrities with bunions katie holmes feet

7. Christina Hendricks – Actresscelebrities with bunions christina hendricks feet

8. Iman – Model, actress, and entrepreneurcelebrities with bunions iman feet calla shoes

9. Naomi Campbell – Model and actresscelebrities with bunions naomi campbell feet

10. Oprah Winfrey – Talk show host, actress, producer and philanthropist

celebrities with bunions oprah winfrey feet calla shoes

11. Beau Garret - Actress and modelcelebrities with bunions beau garret feet

12. Suki Waterhouse – Model, actress, and entrepreneurcelebrities with bunions suki waterhouse feet


14. Elsa Zylberstein – Actresscelebrities with bunions calla shoes elsa zylberstein feet

15. Molly Sims - Model and actresscelebrities with bunions molly sims feet calla shoes

16. Lisa Edelstein – Actress and playwrightcelebrities with bunions lisa edelstein feet

17. Amy Adams - Actress and singercelebrities with bunions amy adams feet

18. Michelle Yeoh – Actresscelebrities with bunions michelle yeoh feet

19. Famke Janssen - Actress, director, screenwriter and former fashion model

celebrities with bunions famke janssen feet

20. Camilla Belle - Actresscelebrities with bunions camilla belle feet

21. Brandi Glanville - Television personality, author, and former modelcelebrities with bunions brandi glanville feet

22. Marcia Gay Harden –Actresscelebrities with bunions marcia gay harden feet

23. Mena Suvari – Actress and modelcelebrities with bunions mena suvari feet

24. Miroslava Duma – Digital entrepreneur and journalist celebrities with bunions miroslava duma feet

25. Tilda Swinton – Actress, model, and artistcelebrities with bunions tilda swinton

26. Chrissy Teigen - Model, author and comediancelebrities with bunions chrissy teigen

27. Kelly Rowland - Singercelebrities with bunions kelly rowland

28. Jennifer Lopez - Singer and actress

29. Paris Hilton - Media personalitycelebrities with bunions paris hilton calla shoes

30. Catherine Zeta-Jones - Actresscelebrities with bunions catherine zeta jones

31. Rebecca Gayheart - Model and actressrebecca gayheart

32. Sarah Paulson - Actresscelebrities with bunions sarah paulson

33. Eugenie 'Genie' Bouchard - Canadian tennis playercelebrities with bunions eugenie bouchard feet

34. Nigella Lawson - Cooking show hostcelebrities with bunions nigella lawson feet calla shoes

35. Danielle Staub - American television personalitycelebrities with bunions danielle staub feet calla shoes

36. Gwyneth Paltrow - Actresscelebrities with bunions gwyneth paltrow feet calla

37. Teri Hatcher - Actresscelebrities with bunions teri hatcher feet calla shoes

38. Dame Helen Mirren - Actress celebrities with bunions calla shoes helen mirren feet

39. Kris Jenner - TV personality & business womancelebrities with bunions kris jenner feet calla shoes

40. Kourtney Kardashian - TV personality & business womancelebrities with bunions kourtney kardashian feet

Fortunately for these celebs, the era of stuffing your bunions in uncomfortable, badly-fitting shoes is over. Calla Shoes provides gorgeous bunion-friendly, red-carpet worthy shoes that the celebs could have worn!

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This article should call: “what high heels do your feet”. Yes girls this is a problem that has to do with use higher than 6cm high heels. Any doctor like myself could tell you that and it’s a problem that can’t be 100% mend by surgery and moreover if you keep using 10cm or more high they will back again and again. So now you know. Even when genetics have something to do the reality is that you can change that by not using heels. I attach to traumatologist recommendations: heel over 2cm and under 6cm and feet at almost 40yo are fine even when my mother has horrid bunions after a whole life using 15 high heels. Bunion feet have another deformities like horse foot which are painful. As a curiosity you can see exactly if they are right or left dominated celebrities as the worst bunion is their dominant side.

Mary July 29, 2020

Nota-se mais nas “black” enfim tanto dinheiro e vaidade e não se operam até é facil. Enfim coisas…………

Carlos Fonseca April 15, 2020

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