What heels should you wear if you have bunions?

You can still wear heels if you have a bunion, but they need to be the right type. The best heels for bunion sufferers will have a wide-fitting toe box area to accommodate your bunion, a soft shoe upper and lining to prevent rubbing, and a cushioned and arch-supporting insole to help you maintain proper foot posture.

With the right shoes, wearing heels will no longer be a problem for women with bunions across the United Kingdom. Don't let bunions take over your life, make memories at events full of enjoyment, instead of worrying about how your shoes fit or feel.

Why choose Calla heels?

In the collection of our ultra-comfortable heels for bunions, there is a pair to suit every taste, whether you are looking for kitten-heeled, mid-heeled, or high-heeled shoes.

Calla’s heeled shoes are ready to accompany you wherever you go, ensuring you never have to kick your heels off again because of your bunions. 

All of our heels are handcrafted in Portugal for the highest quality, so you can be sure they will accompany you on many special occasions.

How do we achieve such comfort? It is all in the details. Within every pair of Calla heels for bunions, you will find:

  • The shoe has a deep, wide-fitting toe box area in the front, designed specifically to accommodate bunions.
  • A standard heel area ensures your heel stays securely in the shoe and does not slip out as you walk.
  • A super soft, flexible, luxurious leather uppers and lining, to ensure no rubbing and a ‘walking on clouds’ experience straight out of the box
  • The 100% Portuguese-sourced leather also helps your feet ventilate.
  • Non-slip soles to keep you stable.
  • Cushioned and arch-supported insole, to help you maintain a proper posture, distribute the pressure on your feet, and add to the feeling of walking on clouds.
  • Our Portuguese shoemakers have years of experience and expertise, and pour their passion into every pair of heels they craft.

heels for bunions features explained

The trendy Calla Ladies Heels range includes sophisticated court shoes, elegant kitten heels, wedges, fashionable low-heeled shoes, strappy heeled sandals, stilettos, and dressy high heels.

We have plenty of chic colours to choose from too, including black, cream, white, pink, champagne, red, navy, silver, brown, green, purple, and more.

Our shoes are designed to keep your toes feeling great. Footwear that's made with the toe joint in mind to avoid discomfort while on your feet at work or at a wedding.

Will these heels hide my bunions?

Yes, these heels are designed to hide your bunions, while offering excellent comfort and support. They're ideal if you want a cute, stylish occasion shoe for covering your bunions.

Why do traditional high heels hurt your bunions?

Traditional high heels hurt people with bunions because of the added pressure that the shoe + the angle of the foot put on your bunion. They often have a narrow, pointed toe, which places excessive pressure on the bunion, causing irritation and inflammation.

They also place the foot in an unnatural position, aggravating existing bunion issues. The lack of cushioning also causes more pain.

How to choose the right height of heel to accommodate your bunion pain

We appreciate that you may not want to wear high heels if you suffer from bunions. 

For example, if you are looking for occasion shoes for a wedding, it may be best to stick to a lower heel. 

This is because you will likely wear your heels for prolonged periods, and there will always be a degree of natural foot fatigue. 

Our range of dress shoes includes lower heels, such as the Ava style, to accommodate such events. You may also wish to try the ‘9-to-5’ weight-shifting insoles, as an additional comfort feature.

Browse all wide-fitting shoes for bunions here.

Not your thing? We also have a range of flat shoes and trainers for bunions.

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