Our range of EEE fit shoes includes extra wide heels, sandals (ankle strap and slip on), court shoes, boots (including ankle boots, Chelsea boots, and block heel boots), and flat shoes. The extra depth in the toe box helps to provide women with relief from foot pain, particularly when wearing them over long periods, as well as when you have a foot condition such as bunions or arthritis. Extra wide shoes are essential to avoid ongoing pain and discomfort from swollen feet, and our range of comfortable shoes means you don't have to sacrifice style, with our fashionable range perfect for the catwalk.

We've also included a new style of extra wide EEE fit ladies trainers, for when you prefer the sporty look or a more casual shoe, as well as a strappy heeled shoe for occasions. Slip into a brand new pair of Calla shoes and you'll notice the difference, with expertly designed cushioned arches for support, stretch fabric to accommodate your wide feet, and soft leather designed not to rub or create blisters. Shop our full range of EEE footwear online today, with UK delivery available.

We also have normal wide fitting shoes, and wide toe box shoes.