Working, pregnant and starting a business!

I’m currently working three days a week acting as a marketing consultant for a local university and looking after my daughter for the other two days.

It’s been a juggle, and I’m trying to fit in business stuff while my daughter has a nap!  I am waiting on my logo from my graphic designer so I can get this website looking good.

We went on a lovely holiday last week – I believe American’s call it a babymoon.  It was very hot, we went to Turkey, and I couldn’t do too much on account of being too fat.

I had emailed a few factories in Portugal, I got the details from an online directory, but as yet have not heard anything back.  This is turning out to be the trickiest part of the shoe business so far.  I’ve noticed that when people post for supplier information on LinkedIn there are a plethora of Asian companies vying for business, which is not what I’m after.  I need a Portuguese manufacturer.

My plan is to fly out early 2015 to visit a few factories if I can get in touch with any! That is of course all being well with the new baby.  I have chosen a shoe designer and want to have the beginnings of a collection to start manufacturing in Spring/Summer 2015.

I’ve created a Pintrest board of shoes that I like and have started following some popular bloggers, tweeters and instagramers in the age range I’m targeting.  My plan is to start gaining followers before my website launches and I need to gather as much digital marketing momentum as I can.

At the moment, I’m trying to fit in an email to my shoe designer, emailing some more Portuguese manufacturers along with ironing, sweeping up a smashed glass my daughter kindly arranged for me.  All in the hour and a half napping window!!! I guess this is the life of a busy mum, and it’s only going to get busier with the next one. Aaaargh, what am I doing????

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