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The bunion problem

Bunions are the bane of the life of many women worldwide. It is estimated that in the UK alone, 30% of all women suffer from bunions. The older age group we look at, the more that percentage unfortunately increases.

There has been much debate over what actually causes bunions, and the research is still a bit unclear on it. For now, the consensus is that bunions are mainly genetic, but that wearing high heels and generally uncomfortable, narrow shoes, does not help prevent them. Importantly, some scientists are also suggesting that pregnancies can make bunions worse, due to the loosening of ligaments in pregnant women.

While there seem to be a million opinions on all things bunion-related, there is something that podiatrists all agree on: the best shoes to wear for bunions. When bunions are involved, your everyday footwear should be in the trainer category, and specialists insist that you ensure the shoe is not completely flat and has arch support.

The shoe pyramid

An Australian podiatrist, known on Instagram as @_thepod, has shared this great shoe pyramid, originally created by @thefootstudio, that we are showing you below.

As you can see from the pyramid, everything is allowed – in moderation. While supportive trainers should still remain your go-to for everyday footwear, Converse-style shoes are still fine sometimes, as are flip-flops, dressy flats, and finally – high heels!


Naturally, this pyramid is general, and your own pyramid would depend on whether you suffer from any other foot conditions. However, it brilliantly illustrates that you can really treat yourself to a date night in heels every once in a while, as long as supportive footwear is your go-to normally.

Here at Calla, we’re big lovers of trainers, but we don’t shy away from the occasional dress shoe when we need to dress up.

The solution

Creating a range of beautiful shoes for special occasions for ladies with bunions is exactly what Jennifer Bailey, the founder of Calla shoes, had set out to do when she started the brand.

Jennifer knew that while trainers are the daily footwear of many bunion sufferers, most of them dream of stylish and elegant shoes that they could wear for special occasions, such as date nights, weddings, parties etc. Jennifer knew this as she was one of these women herself, and so she had set out to create shoes that her bunions could be comfortable and concealed in.

Calla’s range now features beautiful flats, kitten heels, wedges, block heels and high heels, all designed specifically for bunion sufferers, all perfect for bunions, with appropriate width of the toe box, gentle arch support, comfort and style.

If you would like to have a look at Calla’s full range, click here.

The pictures below are some examples of the styles that we carry. As you can see, our mission here at Calla is to create beautiful, stylish shoes for special occasions for women who suffer from bunions. We believe that shoes for bunions do not have to be ugly, and they certainly do not have to be bland, which is why our fashionable range features many beautiful colours and styles. Bonus? With their innovative design our fashionable shoes hide bunions, ensuring your lumps and bumps are concealed. See a snapshot of our fashionable collection of dress for bunions shoes below. Click the picture to browse the full range.


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