What about the mother of the bride/groom?

Weddings are one of the most celebrated events in human history. From royal weddings to destinations weddings, there’s never a better occasion to look and feel absolutely fabulous. Almost everything you read about weddings is always about the bride. Not to steal her podium but every mother dreams about watching, and increasingly walking, her daughter down the aisle.


Can we talk about the mother of the bride? The bedrock of the wedding planning, the constant nudge that keeps the bride going, the whisper that soothes the heart of a nervous bride/groom, the wise arbitrator between bride and groom conflict, the deft negotiator of value for money. Although the mother of the groom might not be as involved as the bride’s, she is still a pillar supporting such an important day.



stylish wedding shoes for mother of the bride with bunions

Fortunately, most of the attention will be on the wedding couple, so as mother, you are left to dress how you please. Your outfit should make you feel happy and special, not to WOW the audience, that’s the job of the bride’s gown. Like the bride & groom, start early, if possible start before them. The sooner you start looking the higher your chances of being happy with the final purchase as you’ll have enough time to go through every item in several stores. The only thing worse than an ill-fitted outfit is buyer’s remorse. You’ll hate to look through the wedding pictures and think you could have done better. Another advantage of sorting your outfit early is that it gives you more time to support your son/daughter, especially closer to the wedding date, where nerves are usually at their highest.

stylish mother of the bride outfit shoes for bunions
Example mother of the bride/groom outfit, featuring Calla's Sophia high heels for bunions

A frequent dilemma is “should you decide on your accessories first or your clothes first?” To be honest, it depends. If you have your mother’s jewellery she wore to your wedding and you intend to wear it to your daughter/son’s, then you are likely to pick an outfit in relation to the jewellery. Vice versa, if you already have a favourite colour, then the dress is likely to lead. If you cannot decide on a colour, you can always draw inspiration from the wedding day’s colour scheme. Accessories you might want to consider is a jacket, hat, clutch, fan and shoes. You are likely to spend most of the day on your feet, so comforting shoes are a must. As women grow older, the chances of developing bunions increase, therefore wide fitting, bunion friendly shoes are recommended. But comfortable shoes aren't just for bunion sufferers - we all want to find the perfect pair that will allow us to dance all night long! 

Makeup is typically optional for mother of the bride/groom, but a fresh and radiant face is great for the camera. The appearance of your skin should be on your mind weeks/months before the wedding, considering if you want to start a facial routine, the type of makeup you want to wear or sunscreen if the wedding is outdoors. Should you intend to wear makeup, have a trial run, whether it’s with a makeup artist or by your own makeup set and skills.

Finally, have fun. Give out lots and lots of hugs. Watch out for the hat and catchy jewellery. Always have an handkerchief within reach, in case the watery dams overflow.

Fortunately, Calla is here to take at least one of your worries off your mind. Our range of beautiful, comfortable dress and occasion shoes for bunion sufferers (and also simply ladies who are looking for comfort) is guaranteed to allow you to spend all day on your feet and all night dancing. The feedback we have had from our customers is amazing - one Calla lady in particular has reported that her new Calla shoes had allowed her to dance for 17 hours at a wedding in Portugal! You can read some of our reviews here.

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