Trends of the season: spring and summer 2019

Each season, new trends emerge. They seem to take over the fashion world and our wardrobes. Some stick around for longer, and some are gone within months (tiny sunglasses, anyone?).

2019 is no different, and now that we are a good few months into the year, we can talk about what trends are particularly going strong this year.

Here at Calla, while we love classic, timeless pieces, we also don’t want to feel left out of the big fashion trends just because of our bunions. Therefore, our collections tend to include both; classic and trendy styles. We certainly hope that it is a good balance of both that we are achieving.

So what’s trendy this year? Let’s dive in.


1) Bows, bows, bows

Harper's BAZAAR say: 

Bows are everywhere this year, with the red carpet at this year’s Oscars basically doubling as a bow showroom. Celebrities spotted in bows this year include Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and the Duchess of Cambridge.

In Calla’s SS19 collection, this trend is embodied in Iris – the showstopper high heel, which features three burgundy velvet bows.

wide fit high heel trendy bows for bunions

Funnily enough, this takes us to the next big trend of the year…


2) Velvet

Riding out its 2018 popularity, velvet is still in. The material continues to be one to watch out for, and to be honest, we are not mad about it. Velvet’s feel conveys softness and adds a luxurious touch.

We thought there was no going wrong with putting two trends together – which is why we’ve made the burgundy bows on Iris velvet.

3) Bold and bright colours

Elle say: 

You’ve heard them. Brightness and boldness are in, with The List reporting that ‘tons of fun colours’ will be trending throughout 2019, some even making their way into minimalist pieces which typically used to have neutrals reserved for them.

Embodied in the Calla collection in the form of our Lana fuchsia suede high heel sandal, we’ve got the bold and bright trend down. In fact, not to brag, but we feel like we were ahead of the trends, having released our classic Charlotte flats in fuchsia last winter. Plus, we have our Ava heels also available in this vivid colour.

fuchsia suede on trend high heel sandals for bunions

4) Mules and slides

Positioned in-between high heels and flats, mules are the ideal solution for an effortlessly chic look. Big fashion houses have really embraced them, and the trend is showing no signs of going away.

In 2019 particularly, pointed toe mules are very in – and of course we have the Calla answer to that. You know Anya, the navy suede wide fit block heel mule that’s a part of our SS19 collection? That’s the on-trend mule we’ve prepared for you this year. Eliza, the kitten heel mule slide is our response to the trend too, and it’s a quite gorgeous one at that.

stylish navy suede mule shoe wide fit with bunions

5) Animal print (it's not going away!)

Animal print normally has a very strong go every few fashion cycles – and then disappears as quickly as it had appeared. This doesn’t seem to be the case in 2019, however, with leopard print in particular still going strong. Fashion giants like Christian Siriano, Calvin Luo, and Zang Toi are still having their models walk on the wild side with animal print designs.

Naturally, it is not hard to guess which of Calla shoes are the response to this trend – hello Charlotte leopard and Ava leopard!

Leopard Print Wide Fit Calla Shoes

Are they what you thought they would be, or are you surprised by 2019’s fashion trends? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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