Setting up meetings with shoe designers

I have meetings booked in with two shoe designers who don’t live too far from me, one next week and another one at the end of August .  I want to use someone ‘up North’ rather than in London for a few reasons.

I don’t want to have to trek all the way down to London and I want to have regular face to face meetings with my chosen designer so that I can establish a good relationship with them.

I also want to use someone who is up North because I’m based up North!

I think it will be cheaper to use a designer not based in London as I won’t be needing to cover their expensive overheads.

I’ve created a pinterest board with the types of shoes I’m after and I’ll be putting together a brief of what I expect from them.  I don’t have a huge budget, but have no idea how much it’s going to cost in all honesty. So we shall see!



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