Press: The Sun features Calla's range of fashionable shoes for bunions

Hot off the press! Jennifer Bailey, the founder of Calla, and the business itself were highlighted in The Sun's business pages earlier this month.

Jennifer, who has founded the business while pregnant, and right after being made redundant, spoke to The Sun about both the challenges and the joys of turning a personal problem into a business. Having suffered from bunions her entire life, Jennifer founded Calla because she could never find comfortable and stylish shoes to go out in. 

With the Calla range of fashionable shoes for bunions now boasting lines of flats, wedges, heels and boots, the company is truly making a difference to the lives of bunion sufferers all over the world. The feedback from the customers has been great, with many women calling the Calla concept of comfortable and stylish shoes for bunions ‘lifechanging’.

The Sun article also features advice for entrepreneurs who want to follow in Jennifer’s steps and launch their own business, particularly in the footwear industry, as well as a video which tells the story of how our fashionable shoes for bunions came to be.

Be warned though – a journey to launching a footwear business is not an easy one, and it takes a lot of hard work and research to take a business of the ground. In the UK, there are certain government-backed loans which entrepreneurs-to-be can take advantage of to turn their ideas into reality.

Calla’s journey to producing fashionable and comfortable shoes for bunions was not an easy one, but Jennifer is very proud of what the company has achieved so far and is looking forward to the future in which women with all kinds of feet problems will be able to have Calla shoes as their go-to for stylish occasion shoes that actually fit their feet.

To read the full The Sun article, find out more about Jennifer and Calla’s range of shoes for bunions, as well as the entrepreneurial journey that Jennifer went on to launch the business, just click here.

the sun features calla shoes for bunions
A snippet of 'The Sun' article about Calla's fashionable shoes for bunions

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