Mum of one (soon to be two) and new business owner

At the moment I'm technically unemployed!  My redundancy has gone through at work and I'm 24 weeks pregnant so not much chance of me getting another job before I pop the baby out. I'm keeping myself busy by carrying out the groundwork for my new business, planning and executing an email marketing plan for my husbands business and I also have some paid work lined up doing freelance marketing for a local university.

I'm only working part-time - my daughter is in nursery two days a week at the moment and my mother in law has her one day.  I'm not really cut out for being a full-time mum/housewife - don't get me wrong I absolutely love being a mum and I'm looking forward to my new bundle of joy and will be full-time then, but I couldn't do it forever. Part-time suits me at the moment, and it's an amazing change after having worked full-time since I returned from maternity leave last year.

Juggling home life and work life has been fairly straight forward so far - but I'm sure things will be different once I have two children to contend with! My plan is to have a business where I will be able to work my hours around picking up my kids from school. I don't want to be restricted by working hours set my someone else, or a bitchy boss who doesn't appreciate flexible requests, making life difficult. I don't mind starting early or finishing late but I do want to be there for my family when they get home from school/work for a family dinner, catch up and bed-time.

If I can get the business to that point by the time they both start school that will be a huge success in my eyes!

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