The most comfortable flats for bunions

If you struggle with bunions (which is likely since you are reading this), you know how much of a pain it is to find stylish flats which will fit (and not hurt!) your feet. Most high street flats tend to either be too narrow in the toe box, meaning that your bunions are unlikely to even fit into them, or gape at the sides as they are not meant for feet like yours. 

Similarly, you probably also know that wide fit shoes are not the best solution either - while they may be wide enough at the front to accommodate your bunion, they are too wide at the heel, which causes your heel to slip out of them. Not to mention that there is very little shops producing quality wide fit flats out of quality leathers. Unfortunately, the quantity over quality approach that the high street has adapted means that there is very little shoes made out of bunion-friendly materials. 

Enter the solution: elegant, comfortable flats, which take into account all the factors that bunion sufferers are looking for in their shoes. What makes them so comfortable, may you ask? 

The super soft, flexible luxury leather uppers ensure that there is nothing rubbing on and irritating your lumps and bumps. 

The extra width and volume in the toe area accommodates the bunions and allows your toes the space to 'breathe', without being cramped.

Bonus: the triangle vamp makes your feet appear slimmer, and your legs appear longer.

The soles on all Calla shoes are non slip, and will keep you firmly on the ground.

The 1cm (0.4inch) hidden heel gives you a tiny height boots, but also adds comfort to your step by working as a shock absorber.

The leather upper and lining not only adds to the softness of the shoe, but also ensures the natural ventilation of your foot.

The cushioning in the insole adds to the comfort of the shoe, while the arch support helps evenly distribute pressure and maintain the proper posture.

The biggest secret of all?

The great amount of experience, craftsmanship and passion, which our skilled shoemakers have. All Calla shoes are handmade in Portugal, to ensure maximum comfort and quality.

Nevertheless, what many women are also worried about is whether their bunions will be visible, or stick out of the shoes. The flats you see above, are in fact specially designed to conceal your bunions, while also being designed specially to comfort them. Is this the best of both worlds? You decide.


These flats are so amazingly popular with Calla's customers, that we've now brought out over 15 colours and styles of them, and continue to bring out more each season. Some colours stay, some colours go, but there is always more coming at least twice a year.

Don't just take our word for it - here's what others have said of the comfort of these flats for bunions:

Are you ready to introduce your feet to shoes that they will love? Click on the picture below to browse the full collection. We also have a stylish range of comfortable high heels for bunions for your special occasion. However high you want your shoes to go, we've got you covered.

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