Meeting a shoe designer

Today I met with my first shoe designer and it went really well. She seemed lovely and knowledgeable and someone I think I could work with.

We met at a hotel off the M62 in between where we both live.  I was really excited to be having a business meeting for my own business rather than for a company I work for.  There were loads of other business people there as well with their laptops out, looking important etc.  It was obviously a popular place for meetings!

Before we met I wrote a brief to take with me outlining:

-A background of the business concept

-My target audience - gender, age, typical profile

-What my planned retail price is

-Where I am planning to get the shoes produced

-A timeframe I would like to work towards

I also created a pintrest board to share with her so that she could see the types of shoes I wanted to have designed as well as taking along a bag of shoes that were similar to the style of shoes I am after.  The shoes I am producing are meeting a particular foot condition and all will be revealed soon...

I am very keen on ensuring the brief given is as tight as possible so that anyone I work with knows my expectations and can deliver against them.  In my experience of working with graphic designers producing publications they hate it when clients are vague in their requirements and give a 'I'll know what I like when I see it' kind of brief.

That being said I am expecting the shoe designer to bring their own expertise and creativity to the project, I am not after all, a designer myself and can only express my objectives and some ideas of direction.

I've asked for some ideas mocked up and a price for my first collection which will be 10 occasion wear shoes and 4 work-wear shoes.

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