Katie Price Bunion Surgery?

The big question on everyone’s mind is; is Katie Price covering up her bunion surgery? The stars suspicious double ‘ankle break’ in Turkey on a family holiday has us asking a few questions. Her followers first asked the question if Katie actually had bunion surgery and is using the accident as a cover up.

On an instagram live after the accident she tells her followers that she will be in a wheelchair for as long as three to six months. Within her photos she is seen bandaged covering her up to her toes; we have to say it is a little suspicious.

katie-price-healine-news-bunion-surgeryHeadline news of the Evening Standard on 6th August.

Bunion surgery is a big decision; the recovery process can leave patients in severe pain, or leave them back in square one due to bunions being able to grow back. It is known that top celebrities including; Amal Clooney, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Anniston are a few of the many a-listers who have been through the surgery, which brings beauty is pain to a whole new level.  


“Family holiday: Pleasure or Procedure?”

Although Katie Price is not known for having bunions; it is very suspicious circumstances that this ‘accident’ happened in Turkey. TV personalities including TOWIE stars Lauren Goodger and Amber Turner are amongst the high list of celebrities who fly to Turkey for cosmetic and dental procedures. Price is a part of the group, known for fleeing to the country for her numerous face lifts; which questions if the holiday to Turkey was for pleasure or procedure?


Katie Price following facelift procedure in Turkey  leaves us questioning if the recent accident is another procedure in the country.

The TV personality hits back at claims against the accusation and tells viewers in a live broadcast through instagram, "Well, when I have the X-rays and show you, I haven't had bunions, I have never had bunions in my life." With a long list of procedures that the star has had - is the Bunion removal apart of it?

What is Bunion Surgery?

Now, what is bunion surgery? Bunion surgery is a procedure that ‘corrects’ the hallux valgus by removing the bunion. According to healthline.com the three most popular ways for this to be done are; osteotomy, exostectomy and arthrodesis. The surgery is to ‘realign’ the big toe joint in order to reduce the pain and “correct” the deformity of the bunion. Although surgery may help short term; the bunion could still grow that at a higher rate; this is why we suggest buying suitable shoes that are wide enough for the bunion to provide comfort and reduce the pain of walking for high level sufferers.

 Three different kinds of surgery:

  • Osteotomy - your surgeon will cut your big toe join and realign it to normal position
  • Exostectomy - your surgeon will remove your bunion from the joint without performing an alignment
  • Arthrodesis - your surgeon will replace the damaged joint with screws or metal plates to correct the deformity. 

Bunion surgery is not known to work each time - a short term solution for a long term problem. It is common for the bunions to grow back - the best way to deal with this is to wear shoes that have a wider width for your bunion where you need it but still keep up to date with the best styles.

katie-price-instagram-broken-ankleKatie Price instagrams bandaged feet whilst soaking up the sun in Turkey.

Price’s description of, “I sort of fell funny on my ankles and literally I fractured the hairline in my heels” has left followers confused as to whether this is the real story behind the bandages.

Adding to the suspicions is Price not letting the Turkish hospital operate on her broken ankles; as she says they wanted to "put pins in" and “operate” - and wanted to wait till she was home in the UK to sort it. Although the star is comfortable enough to get many face lifts within the country; it seems that fixing her ankles can wait until she is at home.  


Katie uploads picture in pink wheelchair on her instagram with friends assisting.

Price is told she will not be able to walk properly for three to six months; possibly a year whilst she awaits surgery. We wish the ex-glamour model a speedy recovery; either from her accident or surgery.

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