It's time to prioritise your personal health

Are you guilty of putting your own personal health to the bottom of your to-do list? Do you look for quick fixes, rather than addressing the route of the problem? Well, you’re not alone.

Here at Calla Shoes, we have conducted some research and found that as a nation we are guilty of prioritising work, life and our embarrassment ahead of our own personal health.

A third of Brits (30%) confess that they would wait more than a month to visit a doctor for help with a condition that is causing them discomfort, with one in ten leaving it longer than two months.

However, nearly half of Brits (42%) would simply ignore a medical condition, even if a solution meant that they could live with it more comfortably. Luckily for bunion sufferers, Calla Shoes can help you live more comfortably with the condition, while also looking stylish.


When asked what stopped Brits seeking professional medical advice, one fifth claimed it wasn’t a priority (20%) or that they don’t have time (21%). Sadly, nearly a third of women don’t think they’d be taken seriously (29%).

But it is the younger generation which is letting embarrassment put them off speaking to doctors, with more than a quarter of 18 – 24 year olds saying that they stay away from medical professionals to save their blushes, compared to just one in ten over 55s.

And with just half of Brits (56 per cent) claiming that their personal health is very important to them, and one in 20 not placing any importance on it (6 per cent), it is not surprising that this make do and not mend culture is impacting Brits’ approach to pain and discomfort.

This trend is only set to increase, as the research highlights a generation gap, with one in ten 18-24 year olds (12 per cent) not placing any importance on their personal health, compared to 4 per cent of 45-54 year olds and just 2 per cent of over 55s.

Here at Calla, we want our customers to prioritise their personal health to help them get the most out of life, and this includes foot health, so check out our blog on wearing heels when you suffer from bunions!

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