Guest post: Suzy Turner styles the Malva wedges three ways

Having bunions for most of my adult life, I simply didn’t know that stylish shoes aimed at bunion sufferers actually existed. Imagine my utter delight, when I discovered Calla Shoes. When I was first introduced to them, I couldn’t believe just how comfortable they were. I’ve said it time and again since then, but my feet literally sigh in relief whenever I put them on. It’s like angels are singing!!

My latest pair, the Malva Wedges, certainly do not disappoint. Similar to my Rosa Wedges (which I first wore for my 20th wedding anniversary last year), they're the perfect shoe for the dry weather. As I’ve proven here, they can be styled in so many different ways – making them the ultimate versatile sandal.

I loved the challenge that Calla set for me: to style the Malva Wedge three different ways. Unfortunately bad weather stopped us from taking any photos for a couple of weeks but finally the sun came out (and I live in the Algarve!) and we were able to do a photoshoot for each outfit.

I opted for a chic look in a long black dress, fun and flirty in 70s flares and a floaty, girlie look all in creams and whites – three very different looks but with the same pair of fabulous shoes. And three outfits where my feet were exceedingly comfortable!

Another reason I love Calla Shoes so much is the fact that they’re made in my country of residence, Portugal (I’ve lived here for more than thirty years). And it is a place renowned for producing high quality leather footwear. Top notch leather, beautifully crafted and designed, Calla Shoes are simply second to none.

suzy turner wearing wedge sandals for bunions with a black dress and a red jumper
suzy turner wearing jeans with calla wedge sandals
suzy turner wearing a yellow jumper and a skirt with calla wedge sandals

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