Festive shoes for bunions

The festive season is upon us and that means not only is it time for gift giving and stuffing our faces with lots of food, but it’s also the season of Christmas parties! It’s time to pull out your favourite outfit, put on some beautiful matching accessories and top the outfit off with a gorgeous pair of shoes.

That being said, having bunions can make the social occasions attached to Christmas daunting due to having to find shoes that look fab and don’t hurt. Not only are shoes a key part of an outfit, but they’re also so important because we spend a lot of time on our feet, especially at parties where dancing is all too common!

The worry of finding suitable shoes for bunions can play on our minds and make the outfit decision a stressful one, and might even put us off going to said social occasion rather than make us excited for it. It’s only natural to want to look and feel your best, and having bunions might make you think that that isn’t possible due to the discomfort that can be caused by some dressy shoes.

In previous years perhaps you’ve worn some products for bunions to try and reduce the pain whilst wearing dressy shoes such as gel toe separators or gel guard bunion protectors. Maybe you decided to buy a new pair of party shoes and decide to forgo comfort and put up with pained feet for the sake of fashion. But how can you enjoy yourself when you’re in pain all night?! You can’t!

Nevertheless, we have have good news! You don’t have to give up comfort to look stylish when you have bunions. Calla is here to help. We want you to not only look amazing, but we want you to feel amazing and enjoy yourself this Christmas!

So we’ve created a list of Calla shoes which are perfect for the festive season and not only look super stylish but feel amazing on your feet. We have many colour and style suggestions to suit all needs and tastes, including flat shoes, boots, kitten heels, block heels and court shoes!

So, lets get into the list:

1. Camila red croc leather boot


The Camila red croc leather boot is the ultimate festive shoe. It’s bright red colour sings ‘I’m bold and stylish and don’t I know it!’. The small two inch heel makes it suitable for all occasions – high enough for partying, low enough to be comfortable day or night. Its cushioned insole, arch support and hidden stretch panels mean your feet will be as snug as a bug all whilst looking fab. The Camila boots are also available in Black and White.

2. Ava black shine kitten heel


This gorgeous pair of kitten heels is a perfect Christmas look – the shine leather adds just the right amount of glitz and glam without being too in your face. Similar to the Camila red croc, the Ava features a 2 inch heel; super manageable but still party appropriate.




3. Sara forest green block heel


The Sara forest green suede shoe is a unique, beautiful and on trend shoe perfect for any special occasion. The forest green colour is a much more subtle way to incorporate festive colours into your look compared to colours such as red. The Sara has a slightly higher heel than the two previous shoes, at 2.5 inches, but don’t worry! The block heel adds additional support meaning your comfort will not be sacrificed. Also available in black!

4. Ava wine kitten heel


The ava kitten heel is such a classic we’ve included it in the list twice! Meet Ava Wine – a beautiful and sophisticated wine-coloured shoe of dreams. Dress them up, dress them down, no matter what it’ll be a shoe experience that your feet will love.


5. Charlotte red flats


If you’ve got a Christmas event coming up but heels aren’t your thing – don’t worry! We’ve also got you covered. The Charlotte is a Calla classic and we couldn’t make this list without including a pair! The Charlotte red flats are a simple yet beautiful flat shoe with comfort at its core. Our range of flat shoes were even featured in the Evening Standard as the ‘best orthopaedic shoes for women’! And if red isn't your thing, we also have more colours available, such as silver!


6. Emily II silver glitter high heel sandal


If you’ve been reading this list and been thinking ‘that’s nice but I want something a bit more glam’, then this final shoe is the shoe for you. The Emily 2 silver glitter – the ultimate party shoe. Made from luxuriously soft, sparkly leather, the Emily 2 will dress up any outfit! A 3.5 inch heel makes this shoe higher than the others, but its arch supported insole and half inch platform ensures maximum comfort for your bunions. And if you’re worried that the strappy shoe will expose your bunions, then we’ve some excellent news for you. This shoe was specially designed to conceal and comfort bunions, with carefully positioned straps to keep them in place. Who say’s you can’t wear sandals with bunions?! Not us! This shoe is also available in black leather and black suede!

And there we go, six fabulously festive shoes for any special occasion you’ve got coming up this Christmas. These shoes are seasonal and are unlikely to be restocked – so don’t wait to buy. Will you choose a leather or a suede style?

If you take one thing from this blog post, we hope it is that having bunions doesn’t have to stop you from looking and feeling fabulous – Christmas can be stressful enough without worrying about shoes on top! Besides, whatever you wear this Christmas season you will look beautiful!

For more information on any of the shoes listed above, or to shop the collections, head to our website now! 


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