Bloggers love Calla's SS19 collection

Over the Internet, there have been some influencers wearing a pair of Callas, and we've compiled some of them with models from the SS19 collection.

Vicki Marinker describes herself as a ‘midlife fashion blogger, recruitment consultant, Mum, North Londoner, procrastinator and control freak’. We describe her as fabulous!

Her ultra-popular Instagram account, @lifestylemavens, is the go-to of 40+ women for style inspiration, reviews, and just general midlife chat.

To supplement her Instagram account, Vicki also has a blog, on which she expresses her thoughts and opinions, as well as talks about her outfits, and everything else that does not fit into Instagram’s character limit.

Having discovered Calla this past winter, Vicki was a fan of our grey suede Belle boots. We have previously shown you how she's styled them on our blog.

With spring approaching, however, Vicky has opted for a pair of our classic Charlotte flats for bunions. The blogger's colour of choice in the flats was light grey. These particular flats are made out of a mix of our signature, super-soft leather and suede.

While Vicki does not have bunions herself, she admires the signature Calla comfort, which makes our shoes for bunions perfect for the ‘bunionless’ too.

See how Vicky styles our flats below, and let us know how YOU style them in the comments!

Vicki Wearing Flat Shoes For Bunions


Visit Vicki on her blog if you'd like to see more of her style - - or follow her on Instagram - @lifestylemavens.



Patricia Pastor, aka @justalpatri on Instagram, is an international blogger and influencer, who divides her time between Bristol (UK) and Bilbao (Spain). Known for her perfectly balanced classic style with a little bit of fun accessories mixed in, Patricia has amassed a loyal following of people who love her taste in fashion.

A fan of fashion, but also comfort, the blogger loves Calla shoes, despite not having bunions.

As you know, Calla shoes are made for bunions, but are perfect for anyone who is looking for comfortable, stylish and quality footwear.

Having previously worn and loved the Belle grey suede boots, Patricia knows the ultimate comfort that Calla provides well.

This season, we have challenged the blogger. We asked Patricia to style our white leather Selena high heels three ways. She accepted the challenge!

The results can be seen below. The three outfits that Patricia had styled are a perfect mix of business and casual, with some leaning more heavily to either side. One thing is for sure: the white Selena high heel sandals are one versatile pair of shoes. However, if you are not a fan of white, there is great news - they come in black suede and pink shine leather, too.

See Patricia's three-way style challenge below:

Patricia Wearing White High Heel Calla Shoe
Patricia Wearing White Heels
Stylish Patricia Wearing White Heels Made By Calla


Follow Patricia on Instagram - @justalpatri - or connect with her on Facebook.




Emma Peach is a 43-year-old fashion blogger and broadcasting specialist with a journalism background, located in Cheshire (North West of England). Emma had started her blog, Style Splash, when her daughter was a year old. Emma felt like she had to sort of ‘reclaim’ her identity, and Style Splash was born.

On her blog, Emma features her best fashion finds, stylish outfits, lifestyle topics, as well as some day-to-day life struggles (a gal after our own heart, she knows the struggle of going into shops to return something and coming out with a full bag of new stuff).

Emma had tried out a pair of Calla shoes, the block-heel court shoes called… Emma! Naturally, the two Emmas were a match made in heaven. Struggling with bunions, which are getting gradually worse and now limit her choice of footwear, the blogger loved the ‘incredible comfort’ that Calla shoes had provided her feet with.

In addition to bunions, Emma has had a suspected hairline fracture and appreciates that the double strap on the Emmas ensures that the shoes are secure on her feet. With the wide fitting of the shoes, there’s no pinching and rubbing and her bunions are concealed and comfortable.

Have a look below to see how Emma had styled Calla shoes:

stylish block heel courts for bunions


JULY 2018 UPDATE: Emma just cannot get enough! Here she is wearing Calla shoes again, and this time the blogger has opted for our SS18 Florence kitten heel sandals, which beautifully conceal bunions.

stylish kitten heel sandals for bunions

Visit Emma's blog - - or connect with Emma on social media: 

Facebook - @thestylesplash
Instagram - @thestylesplash
Twitter - @thestylesplash



What about you? How do you style your favourite Callas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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