Bloggers love Calla's SS18 collection

Several bloggers around the world have worn Calla over this season, and we couldn't be prouder of that. Here's a round up of everyone:

Suzy Turner is a blogger, a published author, a yoga instructor and an overall superstar, who currently lives in Algarve, Portugal with her husband and five babies – two dogs and three cats.

Suzy’s blog, playfully titled ‘Pixie Chick in Portugal’, was established in 2008. Soon after, in 2010, Suzy’s first novel followed. She has since published twelve books, most of which fall into the genres of chick lit, urban fantasy and romance.

On her blog, Suzy particularly enjoys writing about fashion, style (a girl can never have too many clothes and shoes, right?), travel and yoga. Her fabulous personality shines through her outfits, which combine style and comfort (because who said you can only have one?).

Suzy has been open about her struggle with painful bunions, which had prevented her from wearing certain styles of shoes.

We all know the pain – high heels, which often rub the bunions, cause agony. Flats tend to gape the bunion and squeeze it uncomfortably. Shoe shopping for feet with bunions is just an endless scramble around shops, a literal game of spot-a-shoe-which-may-fit-but-it-probably-will-not. Very often, even if you do find a pair of shoes that fits, it is going to turn out that they feel too uncomfortable to even walk around the shop in.

Suzy has recently worn the Charlotte flats in Black Nappa Leather (shop similar style) and shown the readers of her blog how she had styled them.

As Calla shoes are specifically designed for bunion sufferers, they do not cause any rubbing, have a lot of room in the toe box to accommodate bunions, do not gape at the sides and are generally very, very soft. As Suzy has said, ‘they are the most comfortable pair of shoes ever’.

It is amazing to witness how life-changing your product is to the people who purchase it, but it is even more amazing to see how much confidence and comfort our shoes give to the women who have been hopelessly looking for stylish shoes to accommodate their bunions. This is something that we, over here at Calla, are very proud of!

See how Suzy has styled our Charlotte ballet flats below. You can also have a look at a side-to-side picture of Suzy's feet barefoot and in Calla shoes, to see the true magic of our flats. You can also read Suzy's full review of the Charlotte flats here.

Suzy Turner Calla Black Flats for Bunions

Suzy has also styled our SS18 summer wedge sandals in pink nude, one of the most supportive Calla shoes that we’ve created up to date. Featuring straps, which hold your foot in place, a wedged heel, which adds a little bit of height, a hidden elastic panel in the toe box, which ensures that your toes get just the right amount of space, and our luxurious, soft materials, these handcrafted sandals are truly the essence of comfort.

stylish sandal shoes for women with bunions

A journalist, a mother, a voiceover artist, a presenter, the queen of colour - there is not many things Rachel cannot do! Specialising in parenthood, real life and health & lifestyle, this it-girl's works have appeared in the likes of The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Daily Mail, The Sun... and that's only listing a few of them! 

Rachel's most recent passion is Instagramming. Known for her love of colour, she is gaining followers rapidly, as she enchants them with her bubbly personality. Never one to shy away from the reality behind all the glam, Rachel's candid approach (do you know any other Instagrammer who has put a bird poo accident on their story?) and fabulous outfits seem to be the perfect mix to be a hit amongst the Instagram community. 

As she says herself, in her free time she enjoys running, cooking and unwinding with a glass of prosecco (a girl after our own heart).

While Rachel only has a small bunion on one foot, she does like for her shoes to cover her toes. As our flats for bunions feature soft and luxurious kid suede and leather, which crosses over at the toes to cushion lumps and bumps, they were perfect for Rachel, and ‘gorgeous and very comfortable’ as she has summed them up!

It is a fact that our ballet bumps for bunions are also perfect for triangle shaped feet, hammertoes and if you have had a bunionectomy.

The hidden heel and cushioned insole with arch support only add to the amazing comfort in every step. A bonus? They come in many fabulous colours, and we have just launched a new style of a ballet flat with a little suede bow adorning it. 

Have a look at how Rachel has styled our orange flats for bunions with different outfits.

blogger wears calla flat shoes for women with bunions

Find Rachel's links:

Website/Blog -
Instagram - @RachelToal
Facebook - @RachelToalJournalist 
Twitter - @RachelToal



A mother and a qualified school counsellor, Kellyann has started ‘This Blonde’s Shopping Bag’ as an outlet for her creative side.

On her blog, she shares her fashion & makeup finds and tips, daily outfits and general lifestyle insights.

Kellyann lives in Orlando, Florida, USA, which allows her to always have sunshine in her photos, adding to the uplifting vibe of her blog.

She has chosen the nude beige Sophia high heels for herself out of the Calla range. Our high heels for bunions are produced using the finest leather, so it can flex and comfort where it is needed the most. With extra width and volume in the toe area and the luxury leather-lined, gently padded insole, you can be sure that your bunions will be comfortable and concealed.

Have a look at how Kellyann has styled our high heels for bunions below: 

Kellyanne This Shopping Bag Wearing Calla Shoes

Visit Kellyann’s blog - - or connect with her on social media:

Instagram - @thisblondesshoppingbag

Facebook - @kodonnellrohr

Twitter - @ThisBlondesBag


Mummabstylish is the blogging alias of Jacqui, a 50+ lifestyle and fashion enthusiast and a mother of three girls and two boys, four of which have not left the nest yet.

Jacqui enjoys shopping and blogging about her best finds, as well as spending time with her family.

While not a bunion sufferer just yet, she admits ‘she has one looming’.

Intrigued by the promise of comfort, Jacqui has tried our Sophia high heel in nude pink, and this is what she has had to say about it.

See below how Jacqui has styled our stylish high heels for bunions:

Jacqui MummaB Wearing High Shoes

Check out Jacqui's post about Calla in full.

Connect with Jacqui through her Mummabstylish blog - - or via social media:

Instagram - @mummabstylish 
Twitter - @mummabstylish



Ballerina Badass is the nickname of Georgia Reed, an American ballet dancer and a Calla Shoes brand ambassador. She has formerly performed with the Cincy Ballet, KC Ballet and Ballet Hispánico.

Georgia suffers from bunions, as well as a tailor’s bunion. This is typical of dancers, and especially ballerinas, as people in these professions simply tend to use their feet way more than the usual person. Feet are, in fact, just like any other part of the body, and extensive usage will always lead to problems, similarly to how i.e. carpenters suffer from bad knees.

It is the unfortunate fate of many dancers and ballerinas that their passion results in unsightly bunions, which can often be very painful.

As a bunion sufferer, Georgia was delighted to hear of Calla Shoes for bunions. In the dance world, there are many dress-up events to attend, which can turn into a nightmare when a dancer’s feet are stuffed into uncomfortable heels.

Comfortable shoes, which accommodate bunions, are also incredibly important to wear after a full day of practice so that a dancer’s or a ballerina’s feet can rest.

Georgia has a pair of Calla’s black suede Charlotte ballet flats for bunions, as well as a pair of (last season’s) Emily high heels (similar styles available in black suede, black leather and nude pink) so she is sorted for any occasion – dress up or down! All of Calla’s shoes feature an extra-wide fit in the toe box, and a standard fit across the back of the shoe, to accommodate the bunions. The only exception is the Esme block heel for bunions, about which we talk in another blog post.

With arch support and a bunion concealing and comforting design, you can be sure that Calla shoes will provide a tired dancer’s feet with maximum relief. There’s also a cushioned insole, and the Charlotte pumps feature a hidden, 1 cm heel for optimum comfort and style. The non-slip sole on every shoe just ensures that you can launch into an impromptu dance at any second!

Have a look at how gorgeous Georgia has worn Calla shoes.

As an added bonus, you can see a video of Georgia unpacking her Calla's Charlotte ballet flats for bunions at the bottom of this blog post and have a sneak peek of our beautiful shoe boxes.

Ballerina Baddass Wearing Calla Shoes In Wide Fit
Georgia in her SS17 Emily heels (similar style available in black suede, black leather, nude pink leather)
Ballerina Badass Adjusting Calla Shoes
Georgia in the classic black Charlotte suede flats (also available in black leather, black leather/suede, tan, silver, aqua, pink, leopard print, blue, beige, dark grey, plum and red)
Ballerina Badass Jumping Wearing calla Shoes
Walking on air in Calla


See a video of Georgia unboxing the beautiful high heels for bunions:


Connect with Georgia on Instagram - @ballerinabadass - or visit her YouTube channel - Ballerina Badass.



A girl after our own heart, Cheryl Maday is a wine, travel, and fashion lover. Having first taken up blogging back in 2003, she is a true expert of all things stylish.

Cheryl describes her style philosophy quite simply – she believes in wearing whatever makes you feel good, as style is ageless.

Having lived in New York, Chicago, and currently residing in San Francisco, Cheryl’s style is influenced by each of the American coasts and beautifully comes together in her effortless outfits.

Blogging from a 40+ perspective, Cheryl fills an important niche. She shows women of all ages that life most definitely does not end at 40, and neither should style.

With more and more companies catering to women over 40, and 40+ bloggers finally popping up, the world is realising that style truly is ageless, and Cheryl is a part of this revolution.

The one thing that women after 40 especially do not want to give up is stylish shoes. This, however, becomes harder to do as you age. Not only are your feet becoming sore more quickly while wearing heels, but bunions also start showing up and disturbing the ability to wear beautiful, stylish shoes. While not every woman will develop bunions, it is estimated that 14% of people between the ages 30 to 39 have bunions. Not surprisingly, this percentage only grows as you go up age groups: with women aged 40-49, it jumps to 22%, and in the age group of 50 to 59, it reaches a staggering 36%.

With 36% of women having bunions by the time they reach the fifth decade of their lives, Calla’s founder, Jennifer Bailey, knew something had to be done. Suffering from deformed toe joints herself, she could never find fashionable shoes to fit her bunions. This is how the idea for Calla was born – Jennifer did some research and realised there were millions of women in the same situation as her.

Cheryl has tried the Rosa wedges from our SS18 collection, and this is what she has to say about them:

See Cheryl’s gorgeous outfit, featuring her new favourite sandals, and scroll to the bottom of this post to connect with Cheryl on social media, or visit her blog.

blogger on a swing wearing a skirt and sandals


Keep in touch with Cheryl on her blog, or connect with her on social media:

Blog -

Instagram - @cherylshops

Pinterest - @cherylshops

Facebook - @cherylshops

Twitter - @cherylshops



Chicago-based Kathrine Eldridge is a fashion lover, whose passion has led to a full-time career as a Wardrobe Stylist. Supplementing her blog with her professional experience, Kathrine writes about style, trends, and fashion for women of all ages.

The blogger describes her own style as a ‘mix of classic and bohemian with a touch of edge’. Unfortunately, as she suffers from bunions, as well as having many clients who struggle with them, Kathrine knows how hard it can be to find shoes which accommodate the pesky toe lumps.

Having heard of Calla shoes, Kathrine was beyond joyful to find out that there is a brand that makes actually stylish shoes for bunions. Shoes that accommodate, comfort, and conceal bunions is something that is useful not just for Kathrine personally, but also for her clients who struggle to find stylish shoes to fit their bunions.

Kathrine has tried our silver ‘Laura’ summer sandals, which were a real hit with our customers this summer. Similar styles are now available in the wonderful gold and tan colours.

Have a look at the picture below to see how Kathrine has styled the shoes:

stylish sandals for women with bunions

Visit Kathrine's blog - - or connect with Kathrine on social media:

Instagram - @kathrine00021

Facebook - @KEWardrobeStylist

Twitter - @kathrine00021



What about you? How do you style your Callas? Let us know in the comments section below or send us a pic through our socials.

In the meantime: feeling inspired and fancy a new pair of shoes? Check out our latest collections then!

founder of calla shoes

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