Bloggers love Calla's 2017 collections

In this post, we're gonna show you some bloggers over the Internet that have been wearing Calla shoes over 2017.

Samantha Blair is based in Scotland (UK) and is a blogger, a mother, a Biomedical Scientist and a lady with a fabulous style! While she maintains that she fakes her fabulousness (hence the name of her blog, Fake Fabulous), we could not disagree more.

Sam’s style is quirky, colourful and playful – exactly what fashion should be. While she writes about a range of lifestyle topics, it is her fashion style that really makes her stand out. A lover of polka dots, leopard print and bright colours, Samantha has fun with what she wears, and it shines through her blog.

While Samantha does not suffer from bunions, she has been ‘blessed’ with an agonizingly painful bunionette (aka a tailor’s bunion), which was what had got her to look at Calla Shoes initially.

Anyone who has either bunions or a bunionette knows how horrendous the pain can be. This is where Calla Shoes come in!

Samantha went for the black suede Mary Jane block heel court shoe, which features two little straps that hold the foot securely in place. The Emma shoe, as we have named it here at Calla, is handmade in Portugal, using the finest goats leather. Thanks to this, it is able to flex and provide comfort where it is needed the most!

The additional extra width an volume in the toe area of the sure and a luxury leather-lined, gently-padded insole with arch support all add up for a shoe experience that your feet are guaranteed to love.

JULY 2018 UPDATE: Samantha just can't get enough! The blogger chose Calla shoes for herself again, this time opting for one of our summer range's offerings - the Amelia sandal. 

The Amelia is a playful snakeskin flat sandal, with added silver studs. The sole of this shoe is made out of authentic Portuguese cork, locally sourced by our factory in Porto. The flexible and soft leather, along with the wide toe-box, ensure that your bunions are secure and comfortable. Scroll down to see Fake Fabulous' outfit featuring the sandals!

See how Samantha has styled the Emma shoes:

influencer wearing calla shoes for bunions samantha blair

See how Samantha has styled the Amelia sandals:

stylish sandals for bunions

Keep in touch with Samantha on her social media and blog:

Blog -

Facebook - @fakefabulous

Instagram - @fakefabulous

Twitter - @samantha4blair



Dawn Gallagher is a former model, bestselling author, and a natural beauty and wellbeing expert. She loves our Charlotte ballet flats and finds them incredibly comfortable!  As such a gorgeous lady, both inside and out we're really pleased she enjoys Calla shoes. As you can see from the pictures, she's nearly flying in our comfy pumps.

famous fan of calla shoes dawn gallagher wearing bunion shoes

Beginning her modelling career at 17, Dawn has appeared on the covers of Italian Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Italian Harper’s Bazaar, and more. She has walked the runway for Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Valentino. Her career allowed her to travel the world, which sparked Dawn’s interest in how different cultures define beauty. Thanks to this, she was able to discover natural beauty and wellbeing secrets of women all around the world.

From this new-found passion, Dawn published her first book in 1999 - “Naturally Beautiful”. In the book, Dawn shares her multicultural beauty recipes for skincare, haircare and body care, which use organic and inexpensive ingredients. Her second book, “Nature’s Beauty Secrets”, features a collection of recipes from spas all over the world, which Dawn has altered and simplified so that they can easily be recreated at home.

Dawn Gallagher aims to empower and inspire women and men, of all ages, to feel and look their best! This is a message that we support wholeheartly here at Calla, hence why we couldn't be more pleased that Dawn enjoys wearing our shoes.

Connect with Dawn on social media:

Facebook - @DawnGallagher.Beauty

Instagram - @DawnLGallagher

Twitter - @DawnLGallagher

YouTube - @DawnGallagher



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