Blogger style: Vicki styles Calla's flats for bunions

Vicki Marinker describes herself as a ‘midlife fashion blogger, recruitment consultant, Mum, North Londoner, procrastinator and control freak’. We describe her as fabulous!

Her ultra-popular Instagram account, @lifestylemavens, is the go-to of 40+ women for style inspiration, reviews, and just general midlife chat.

To supplement her Instagram account, Vicki also has a blog, on which she expresses her thoughts and opinions, as well as talks about her outfits, and everything else that does not fit into Instagram’s character limit.

Having discovered Calla this past winter, Vicki was a fan of our grey suede Belle boots. We have previously shown you how she's styled them on our blog.

With spring approaching, however, Vicky has opted for a pair of our classic Charlotte flats for bunions. The blogger's colour of choice in the flats was light grey. These particular flats are made out of a mix of our signature, super-soft leather and suede.

While Vicki does not have bunions herself, she admires the signature Calla comfort, which makes our shoes for bunions perfect for the ‘bunionless’ too.

See how Vicky styles our flats below, and let us know how YOU style them in the comments!

Vicki Wearing Flat Shoes For Bunions


Visit Vicki on her blog if you'd like to see more of her style - or follow her on Instagram -@lifestylemavens.

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