Suzy Turner wears Calla shoes

Suzy Turner is a blogger, a published author, a yoga instructor and an overall superstar, who currently lives in Algrave, Portugal with her husband and five babies – two dogs and three cats.

Suzy’s blog, playfully titled ‘Pixie Chick in Portugal’, was established in 2008. Soon after, in 2010, Suzy’s first novel followed. She has since published twelve books, most of which fall into the genres of chick lit, urban fantasy and romance.

On her blog, Suzy particularly enjoys writing about fashion, style (a girl can never have too many clothes and shoes, right?), travel and yoga. Her fabulous personality shines through her outfits, which combine style and comfort (because who said you can only have one?).

Suzy has been open about her struggle with painful bunions, which had prevented her from wearing certain styles of shoes.

We all know the pain – high heels, which often rub the bunions, cause agony. Flats tend to gape the bunion and squeeze it uncomfortably. Shoe shopping for feet with bunions is just an endless scramble around shops, a literal game of spot-a-shoe-which-may-fit-but-it-probably-will-not. Very often, even if you do find a pair of shoes that fits, it is going to turn out that they feel too uncomfortable to even walk around the shop in.

Suzy has recently worn the Charlotte flats in Black Nappa Leather and shown the readers of her blog how she had styled them. To quote the blogger herself –

As Calla shoes are specifically designed for bunion sufferers, they do not cause any rubbing, have a lot of room in the toe box to accommodate bunions, do not gape at the sides and are generally very, very soft. As Suzy has said, ‘they are the most comfortable pair of shoes ever’.

It is amazing to witness how life-changing your product is to the people who purchase it, but it is even more amazing to see how much confidence and comfort our shoes give to the women who have been hopelessly looking for stylish shoes to accommodate their bunions. This is something that we, over here at Calla, are very proud of!

See how Suzy has styled our Charlotte ballet flats below. You can also have a look at a side-to-side picture of Suzy's feet barefoot and in Calla shoes, to see the true magic of our flats. You can also read Suzy's full review of the Charlotte flats here.


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