Blogger style: San Fran’s Cheryl Shops

A girl after our own heart, Cheryl Maday is a wine, travel, and fashion lover. Having first taken up blogging back in 2003, she is a true expert of all things stylish.

Cheryl describes her style philosophy quite simply – she believes in wearing whatever makes you feel good, as style is ageless.

Having lived in New York, Chicago, and currently residing in San Francisco, Cheryl’s style is influenced by each of the American coasts, and beautifully comes together in her effortless outfits.

Blogging from a 40+ perspective, Cheryl fills an important niche. She shows women of all ages that life most definitely does not end at 40, and neither should style.

With more and more companies catering to women over 40, and 40+ bloggers finally popping up, the world is realising that style truly is ageless, and Cheryl is a part of this revolution.

The one thing that women after 40 especially do not want to give up is stylish shoes. This, however, becomes harder to do as you age. Not only are your feet becoming sore more quickly while wearing heels, but bunions also start showing up and disturbing the ability to wear beautiful, stylish shoes. While not every woman will develop bunions, it is estimated that 14% of people between the ages 30 to 39 have bunions. Not surprisingly, this percentage only grows as you go up age groups: with women aged 40-49, it jumps to 22%, and in the age group of 50 to 59, it reaches a staggering 36%.

With 36% of women having bunions by the time they reach the fifth decade of their lives, Calla’s founder, Jennifer Bailey, knew something had to be done. Suffering from deformed toe joints herself, she could never find fashionable shoes to fit her bunions. This is how the idea for Calla was born – Jennifer did some research and realised there were millions of women in the same situation as her.

Cheryl has tried the Rosa wedges from our SS18 collection, and this is what she has to say about them:

See Cheryl’s gorgeous outfit, featuring her new favourite sandals, and scroll to the bottom of this post to connect with Cheryl on social media, or visit her blog.

blogger on a swing wearing a skirt and sandals

This pair that Cheryl is wearing was a part of our SS18 collection, to browse our A/W collection click here to shop now (yes, all of our beautiful shoes are specifically made to accommodate bunions!).

stylish comfortable shoes for bunions

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