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Annette Höldrich (Lady of Style) is a German blogger, who shares with the world her fashion, beauty and wellness tips, travel advice, restaurant reviews, and her interest in interior design and gardening. In addition to being a blogger, Annette is an executive assistant and travel manager at NATO.

Her blog, Lady of Style, is one of the most popular fashion blogs in Germany. But Anette does not stop there! She writes in both German and English to cater to her ever-increasing international audience. She is part of the wonderful 40+ blogger community, who aim to inspire mature women and show them that they can experiment with fashion and beauty, no matter their date of birth. 

Annette wants to show the world that 40+ women can still be fashionable and beautiful, and that age should not dictate your style! 

As a brand ambassador of Calla, she loves the comfort and style that our shoes provide her with. Any bunion sufferer knows how incredibly important it is for shoes to be comfortable, and Anette agrees, but is not willing to sacrifice her style for comfort. Luckily for her, she doesn't have to with Calla shoes as she quickly became a fan of our collections!


First of all, take a look at some of Anette's outfits featuring Calla shoes:


Casual with a feminine touch, featuring the Emily sandals (shop similar in black leather, black suede and nude pink leather)

stylish heels for bunions


Easy, chic party look featuring the Emily sandals (shop similar style - available in black leather, black suede and nude pink leather)

comfy high heels for bunions


Classy, elegant look featuring the Sophia high heels (shop this black leather style - also available in black suede, nude beige, nude pink leather and red leather)

comfortable high heels uk


Classy white-trousers look featuring the Sophia high heels (shop this black leather style - also available in black suede, nude beige, nude pink leather and red leather)

comfortable wide fitting high heels uk



Working in an office, she is always on the lookout for stylish office-appropriate dress shoes for bunions. Our latest block heel, ESME, was exactly what she was looking for. The heel’s ideal height for a day in the office, and classic colours, were up to Lady of Style’s high standards.

Our ESME block heel is different from all of the other shoes for bunions that we have previously released. Following the voices of our customers, the ESME is actually a wide fit shoe, perfect for all wide feet with medium bunions, very wide feet with small bunions, as well as normal feet with very big bunions. It is truly the perfect shoe for all kinds of feet!

The ESME comes in black leather and red leather; two great, classic colours for any stylish lady. Annette, in fact, got the ESME in both of these styles, as that is how delighted with the fit she was.

stylish occasion shoes for bunions


The stability of the block heel is just an added bonus of the ESME, meant to ensure that you can comfortably stay on your feet all day and go conquer the world.

The ESME naturally features a cushioned and arch-supported insole, as here at Calla we truly want to make shoes that your feet will love.

The non-slip sole on the shoe is a normal feature for all Calla shoes. We know how important this feature is!

The kid leather upper and the lining are meant to make the shoe super soft, so it can comfortably cuddle your bunions. The ESME will conceal, comfort and support your lumps and bumps. A true hero shoe for women with bunions.

Have a look at how Annette (Lady of Style) has worn the ESME. The photos feature her outfits with both ESME in red leather and ESME in black suede!

stylish wide fit shoes for bunions



For the AW2018 season, Annette took on our new line of boots, which she had described as ‘super comfortable’.

Below, we present how the fashion blogger had styled our Belle grey suede kitten heel boots.

Her outfit is a perfect ‘transitional’ one for the time between autumn and winter, and the blue goes fabulous with Calla’s grey suede boots.

Visit Annette's blog to read her blog post on how she's styled the Belle boots, or you can also read one of her two blog posts where she shows how to style our Holly boots: for the first outfit click here, for the second outfit click here.



Connect with Annette on social media - FacebookInstagram and Twitter - or visit her blog -

And to see our full range of comfortable, stylish shoes for bunions, head to the Calla website now.

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