Ballerina Badass: Calla shoes ambassador

Ballerina Badass is the nickname of Georgia Reed, an American ballet dancer and a Calla shoes brand ambassador. She has formely performed with the Cincy Ballet, KC Ballet and Ballet Hispánico.

Georgia suffers from bunions, as well as a tailor’s bunion. This is typical of dancers, and especially ballerinas, as people in these professions simply tend to use their feet way more than the usual person. Feet are, in fact, just like any other part of the body, and extensive usage will always lead to problems, similarly to how i.e. carpenters suffer from bad knees.

It is the unfortunate fate of many dancers and ballerinas that their passion results in unsightly bunions, which can often be very painful.

As a bunion sufferer, Georgia was delighted to hear of Calla shoes for bunions. In the dance world, there are many dress-up events to attend, which can turn into a nightmare when a dancer’s feet are stuffed into uncomfortable heels.

Comfortable shoes, which accommodate bunions, are also incredibly important to wear after a full day of practice, so that a dancer’s or a ballerina’s feet can rest.

Georgia has a pair of Calla’s black suede CHARLOTTE ballet flats for bunions, as well as a pair of (last season’s) EMILY high heels, so she is sorted for any occasion – dress up or down! All of Calla’s shoes feature an extra wide fit in the toe box, and a standard fit across the back of the shoe, to accommodate the bunions. The only exception is the ESME block heel for bunions, about which we talk in another blog post.

With arch support and a bunion concealing and comforting design, you can be sure that Calla shoes will provide a tired dancer’s feet with maximum relief. There’s also a cushioned insole, and the CHARLOTTE pumps feature a hidden, 1cm heel for optimum comfort and style. The non-slip sole on every shoe just ensures that you can launch into an impromptu dance at any second!

Have a look at how the gorgeous Georgia has worn Calla shoes or scroll to the bottom of this post to connect with Georgia on Instagram or visit her YouTube channel.

As an added bonus, you can see a video of Georgia unpacking her Calla CHARLOTTE ballet flats for bunions at the bottom of this blog post and have a sneak peek of our beautiful shoe boxes.

Ballerina Baddass Wearing Calla Shoes In Wide Fit
Georgia in her SS17 Emily heels
Ballerina Badass Adjusting Calla Shoes
Georgia in the classic black Charlotte flats
Ballerina Badass Jumping Wearing calla Shoes
Walking on air in Calla

See a video of Georgia unboxing the beautiful high heels for bunions:

Connect with Georgia on Instagram - @ballerinabadass or visit her YouTube channel - Ballerina Badass.

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