A love letter to black shoes

Ditch the red, embrace the love of black comfort

Trends come and go, seasons change, but there’s one colour which withstands it all and comes out the other side as strong as ever. Black.

A pair of black shoes is the perfect canvas for any outfit. They’re guaranteed to go with almost anything and are appropriate for any occasion, whether that be work or pleasure! Pair it with an all-black outfit and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated, classy look. Alternatively, have you got a colourful outfit and unsure of what shoes to pair it with? The likelihood is that a pair of black shoes is an easy way to finish the look off.

Black is an all-round winner; it’s classic, versatile and timeless, however, don’t misunderstand classic for boring. Whilst black shoes may sound quite ordinary, they can be brought to life through stylistic elements which can make a black shoe, more than just a black shoe. Whether its flat shoes you’re after, kitten heels, court shoes, or boots, there’s a black shoe out there for you, which is guaranteed to become a wardrobe staple.

A pair of stylish black shoes is a must-have item in any capsule wardrobe, which can then be mixed in with some seasonal pieces as you wish. Or perhaps there’s a particular trend you’re loving at the moment, for example, mock croc or block heels. The easiest way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe is by having it in classic colour such as black, so, whilst it is a trend piece, it’s easy to style and you’ll wear it enough to justify the purchase!

Simple, elegant, versatile and classic; black shoes will never let you down.

Here at Calla, your favourite products are our black shoes! That’s why this Valentine’s Day we’re mixing it up. We’re ditching the red and embracing the eternal love of black shoes. Who’s with us? Our influencers certainly are! Check out below how some of our influencers have styled Calla black shoes:

Cheryl aka @cherylshops loves Calla's Giorgia black boots so much she called them part of her 'Winter uniform'. Also available in grey.

blogger cheryl styles the calla giorgia black boots for bunions

Fleur from (@fleurverhoek) loves her Chelsea black leather boots! Also available in black suede, brown leather and tan leather.blogger fleur styles calla shoes for bunions chelsea boots

Suzy Turner effortlessly demonstrates the versatility of black shoes.blogger suzy loves calla's black shoes for bunions

Alice aka @alice_inthe_looking_glass and Annette of Lady of Style both love the on-trend Camila black boot. This shoe is a great way to subtly incorporate the latest mock croc trend! Also available in white and red.bloggers style black mock croc leather black kitten heel boot bunions

The Charlotte black suede flat has featured in many of Carrie's outfits! (@thethistleedit) You can never go wrong with such a classic shoe.blogger carrie the thistle edit wearing charlotte black ballet flats by calla shoes

Embrace the love of black comfort with us, and add a timeless black pair of shoes to your wardrobe, we promise you won't regret! Calla has got you covered, with many different styles of black shoes which will not only comfort your bunions but will also look amazing on your feet. Available in leather, suede or both. Or in other colours: tan, silver, aqua, pink, leopard print, blue, beige, dark grey, plum and red.

Shop the Valentine's Day collection below now, or shop our entire collection here.

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