6 office-ready outfits for comfort lovers

It may be difficult to accept but summer is almost over. Evenings by the sea, feet in the sand and enjoying the cool summer breeze will soon be a distant memory, with boot season rapidly approaching.

Back to work means waking up in the mornings, switching your summer dresses to formal clothes and waiting for the next summer to arrive. 

If you are heading back to the office and aren't quite sure how to ditch your summer outfits, don't panic. We have carefully assembled 6 office-ready bunion friendly outfits for you to start your year right. Let's get right into it, shall we?

The "Modern Boss" Look

bunion friendly office work outfit ideas

This is a classic yet modern ensemble: the blue shirt, a must in every women's wardrobe, is styled with a colourful geometric skirt. Add a leather shoulder bag in camel, an ever so trendy colour.

To finish the look, some texture is added with the black suede Charlotte flats, but most importantly, they make this work outfit comfortable so you can be on your feet all day long.

The Blazer Look with a Lucky Twist

office outfits inspiration with bunion friendly shoes

Why not switch up the usual "black office blazer" to a velvet green one? Matched with a structured white cotton shirt and black trousers, this is a chic yet professional look. Add earrings, a watch and the beige bag to brighten it up. For shoes, the Charlotte black leathered flats compliment the green of the blazer and you get the comfort your feet crave for during a long day at work. A definite bonus!

The "Smart but Fierce" Look

bunion friendly work and office outfits by calla shoes

Show off your inner boss with a black suit and a statement piece: this red-bowed blouse will make you stand out from the crowd whilst maintaining a professional aesthetic.

The black kitten heels reinforce the fierceness of this outfit and will not let your feet down, that's for sure. Despite wide feet or feet with bunions, the Ava heels have the power of giving the illusion of narrow feet all whilst delicately embracing their bumps and lumps rather than squeezing them. Compliment the colours of the blouse with a burgundy leathered bag, and you're all set to go.

The "Work Angel" Look

Stylish work office outfits with bunion and hallux valgus friendly shoes

Challenge the dullness of office clothing by wearing light colours. This pink-nude colour palette will fit any women wanting to brighten up their day without going for the bold colours.

Pair the light pink blouse and the off-white trousers with either the cream Sophia heels for an all-angelic look or the black heels for a more classic look. You will truly be up in the clouds with the Sophia heels and their memory foam insoles (as for every Calla Shoes). Go for a brown belt to structure the outfit and golden bracelets to glorify this look.

The "Parisienne Chic" Look

calla shoes for bunions outfit ideas that are bunion friendly

This Parisian-inspired look is classic, chic and looks like a lot of thought was put into it. The black in the turtle neck and shoes brings out the class and the camel tones in the blazer and trousers bring out the modernity and trendy feel to this outfit.

The Esme block heeled court shoes are a perfect option for a chic yet ultra comfortable shoe that will hug and support your feet. Don't be afraid to add a pop of colour with a bold yellow bag. 

The Fashionista Look

calla shoes bunion friendly office outfits

This is the ultimate fashionista look: for the boldest of them all. The chequered blazer, shaped at the waist, paired with the yellow leather trousers is a daring but on-trend combination. A classic white pointed collared shirt helps brighten up the look.

The peep-toe Karla leather heels is a statement piece: with the snake print and the buckle, Karla shows off your fashion sense and finishes this look in style. Be ready to strut in your heels, or rather, be ready for your heels to carry you throughout the whole day thanks to their comfort.

Which look will you choose for your grand return to the office?

Whichever one you draw your inspiration from, make sure you are comfortable and ready to take on the day.

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office ready outfits for women with bunions


Hi Carol,

We currently have in stock this lovely blue Charlotte flat, which is a dark blue colour. You can see it here: https://callashoes.co.uk/products/charlotte-blue-leather

As for delivery, it would cost £15 to deliver to South Africa, and all orders are sent tracked and signed. For more information on our delivery please see the following link: https://callashoes.co.uk/pages/delivery-orders-and-payment?pos=1&_sid=add486953&ss=r

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Best wishes

Calla Shoes May 18, 2020

The blue flat looks navy in one photo and pale blue in another, which is it?
Also what would it cost to send a pair of these to South Africa and would you be using a courier for this.

carol May 12, 2020

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